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There is a crapton of work put into Crystal Dust, and it's just plain inconsiderate to trash it because "it's been done". There are a bunch of games that have been done and redone in different ways and no one seems to care. The fact of the matter is, you're getting an option to play a game that someone put hours upon hours of work into creating, for free, I might add. Then to say "that work is wasted, it could be put to use on something better" is not only inconsiderate, it's almost downright criminal. Just plain disgusting. CD is a different take on GSC, and at the same time, it's the same take, but done differently than has been done before. It adds to the variety of choices, most of which are free, of GSC remake hacks, and you'll actually complain about this? Really? I doubt Snakewood's creator wouldn't be so happy hearing that his job could be done so much better, and then having all of the flaws of his hack pointed out. Oh, and he's doing this for free, too. It's just plain disgusting, and completely inconsiderate.
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