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    My vote is split between Dark Future and CrystalDust, respectively.
    I respect every hacker who has his hack represented in this competition, however I can honestly say, after playing, I did not enjoy Snakewood as much as I did Dark Future and CrystalDust. It did not feel like a Pokemon game to me. Although I am a person who respects originality, and am completely open to it, there is a certain point where you draw the line, the line being where you lose that "Pokemon feel". The zombies, the Fakemon, was a total turn-off for me. Not following Nintendo's footsteps when you make your hack can end up leading to something epic or something disappointing.

    However, I'm not here to diss this hack, just share my experience with it. The amount of time and effort Cutlerine put towards it is very commendable. Considering he completed pretty the entire project by himself makes me respect him. However, I still enjoy the other two hacks more, because tons of effort were put into them as well, but they also came out to be very enjoyable (for me, at least). That's just my two cents

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