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Originally Posted by Korvydaehunt View Post
Skills: Scripting and story writing
Proof of work: I'm quite new here, and I've never worked in a hack before but I'm good and willing to back it up with effort, I'm putting up a little script to show you, I'll PM tomorrow
Why you want to join PHC: I want to form part of a team of compromised individuals and I'd like to contribute myself to a quality hack.
Email: [email protected]
Contact information: My timezone is GMT +1 and I can also be contacted via skype and MSN
I'm going to put your status as pending until you send me your script, but thanks for signing up! You can join our group chat here, instead of PMing me, if you want (copy and paste this somewhere on Skype and click to join):

Daydream White version

Want to help out? Just PM or VM me!