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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Roberto stayed still and quiet as Lucia slept on. She always went to bed early and it was rather dark out and there wasn't much to do. The Scizor just stared at her for some time as he pondered the days' events. As he thought about all the he and his trainer had done he couldn't help but continue thinking of that gremlin that was there. That ghost was nothing but trouble, he was dead sure about that! Still, he needed to know just what plans the little cretin had. Where was his room? What was his schedule? Who were his allies? All of that had to be learned as quickly as possible if he had any chance of keeping Lucia safe. He waited for some time as Lucia stepped and he finally judged that enough time had passed before he reached over and clutched a pokeball that was on the dresser in a claw and brought it into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He opened it up and released Samuel into the room.

    The dark type looked around and glanced up at Roberto, "What is the meaning of this Roberto? Are you tiring already?"

    The bug shook his head, "I need to head out. Watch over Lucia until I return."

    The Absol stared at him, "You're joking. I can't believe you. He is just an innocent ghost. Let me rest and do your duty."

    Roberto angrily snapped his pincers, "This is my duty! I must make sure Lucia is kept safe and if it means I need to leave to better study my enemy than so be it."

    With that Roberto opened the bathroom and went to the door and left the room and shut it behind him. Samuel growled, mostly at the fact he was in no condition to open doors without breaking them open and lay down on the ground as he looked at Lucia. He sure hoped that bug didn't cause too much trouble.

    Roberto soon got outside and quickly spread his wings and caught a breeze and flew up onto a nearby rooftop. He quickly sprinted across them until he finally located the boy. Luckily the pokemon he had were busy practicing so he could crouch on the rooftop, watching silently. He saw the Sableye getting rather beat up and almost chuckled at the sight, but then the boy recalled the two battlers an Roberto moved quickly to stay in the shadows and followed him to the pokemon center. He stayed secluded in the trees until the boy left, once more with his Sableye and Roberto had to manuever to get back on the rooftops and then had to move along trees to follow.

    The boy was heading to the dorms and then went off in another direction. Roberto still kept to the trees as he saw him approach a girl. Was this an accomplice of his? He moved in just a bit closer, enough to hear a bit of their conversation. Thankfully they were alone out here so he wouldn't have any other noises distracting him and masking their words.
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