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Bay awoke from his dream with a startle and stumbled to a criss-cross. All at once he felt dizzy so he clumsily rolled on his back looked up at the sky. It was still dawn but he felt like he slept for hours. "I must have been out for a day then" He thought to himself. He heard voices earlier but it didn't seem anyone did anything to him. He also had a weird feeling like he forgot something. He pat his bag down to make sure everything was together. Bay was surprised that he wasn't attacked or robbed when he slept. He stood to his feet and caught his balance and got a grasp on his bearings and once he did so he tried to get his sense of direction. After about 15 minutes of using an old wrinkled and degrading map and compass he found out where to go. He figured it was south and began to finish the trek towards Children's City.On the way towards what should be Children's City he even managed to run into a caravan and received some berries and water just for trading in some medicines he had in his bag. Bay sat down and had a meal after he decided he was getting close towards Children's city. If children's City wasn't what it should be he was ready to defend himself and he couldn't do that on an empty stomach.

"HEY!" said a loud voice causing bay to cringe.
That familiar sharp voice that pained his ears. After not hearing from Flow, his partner in about 5 days he almost forgot he had a pokespirit. "What is it" replied Bay hoping his partner would have some good news. His partner always treated him like he was an underdog or something but Bay just decided that was the way Flow expressed his care for Bay. "There's a group of people just ahead." said Flow sharply.

After going a few days without using his exceptional senses Bay hoped he could still manage. He packed his stuff together quickly then focused for a brief second closing his eyes. Sure enough there were two maybe three
people ahead. Bay readied his hand on his belt buckle where his blade was located and stealthily advanced toward the group which seemed to be en route in the same direction he was. After getting into ear shot range of them. One female seemed to be talking to to someone. He quietly trailed the group trying to figure out if they were a threat or not.

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