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Vieve Gotle

The arm of the machine comes to life and it seems to look over the Totem. Well, at least I’m doing something right. I look at the center of the Alchemiter when out of nowhere comes a rack of clothing. Did SBURB want me to change my outfit? My dress is a little bit dirty but nothing that the washing machine can’t fix. This is weird but what other choice do I have? Even though I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with these dresses but I might as well take at look at them.

“Ricardo? Any hints?” I’m watching the area around the Alchemiter to make sure Ricardo isn’t trying to show me something. There isn’t anything happening so I think I’m just going to go ahead. Wait, where was Tiberius? He’ll come back sooner or later.

I take a giant step onto the weight machine to check out the dresses. If SBURB is replicating the same events for each player than Candice will not be very happy with these dresses. Candice’s objection to dresses is one thing that I will never get. I sort through the dresses and notice that there are subtle differences between each dress. A fringe dress is the one that caught my attention it’s simply stunning. It should go without saying by now that these dresses are violet. Even the rack, which holds the dresses, is violet! I’m not quite sure why everything around me in this game is violet but I ‘m appreciating the consistency. Taking the dress from the rack I decide to sit down on the machine. Whatever is going to happen isn’t going to kill me so sitting on this machine won’t hurt me. The meteor seems to be super close as if it’s almost going to hit right now. I’m too lazy to turn around and check how much time I officially have left. What happens after the meteor strikes down? Does it absorb me and Gavin?

“What the hell?”

A familiar flashing of lights hover over me, it’s Tiberius. I open up my eyes all the way to watch the meteor fall but Tiberius invades my personal space. I normally would’ve let out a blood-curdling scream after I saw “his” appearance but for some reason it didn’t phrase me. Staring at him didn’t change his appearance even though I’m sort of praying he changes back. How does this happen? When Tiberius made contact with the Kernelsprite it transforms into Tiberiusprite. Ricardo is my one and only guess on this matter. He doesn’t answer my questions but he messes up my Tiberiusprite, way to go but at least it isn’t Gavin in the mix.

“Ricardo, you upset me”

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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