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Originally Posted by SpadeEdge16 View Post
So, I recently messed up my rom by deleting scripts and flags that were important, and someone on here told me that most people when they hack roms dont even delete the scripts and flags from the actual memory, they just take them off the map and add their own, I only deleted them because I didnt think there would b enough room for all my scripts, which leads me to my question:
If I don't use any of the flags that are already in the game, is it possible tomake my own flags and use those? How woudl I do that?
Also, how will I know when there isn't enough memory in my rom while making new scripted events?
Most people here rely on tools for checking where there is memory for the events you include or not. All pokemon roms have a lot of free space in them (even Emerald and 1st and 2nd gen games which I believe you're not looking an answer for). I personally delete most of the original events when I make those of my own but I'm a 2nd gen hacker and if you're going to go with FireRed for instance, you don't have to do this.

You can't make your own flags because flags are actually bits of memory in GBA's ram. Basically, someone has probably told you data consists of 0's and 1's. Well, when a flag is unset, a certain part of memory is 0 and when that flag is set, that part of memory turns into 1. Where there is free space in ram memory, lots of 0's (in hexadecimal, shown as 00), you can make your flags set bits (value of bit - 0/1) in there.

This probably felt a bit confusing and I know I wouldn't have understood a thing about it 2 years ago myself but still, this is how it goes. There are ought to be some unused flag bits around which you can use for unused ram memory (as explained above, contains lots of 00's of which values do not change during the gameplay). I believe there is a list of flag bits you can safely use in Research & Development section but that's only a belief (as I've seen a thread related to flags not a long time ago).
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