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Icarus Uprising

Icarus just stood there & listened to Hikari Densetsu introduce herself. She spoke like an angel flying smoothly over the sea, the harp playing elegantly. Icarus almost fell hypnotized just hearing her soft voice.

Ichigo lowered his ears over his face as Hinata said hello to him. He was a little too shy to say hello back to a, well, legendary like Entei!

Hikari had asked Icarus what his job was. Is she for real? Did she really take interest in him all of a sudden? Icarus' dream was suddenly coming true! Just say your answer. "I-I survey the area f-for Sacred Fire, looking out-t for any...enemy activit-ty. I also...grab-b any food I-I can find, for the family..." Now that Icarus is explaining his job, he started wondering. Was his job important? He looked at a distance & placed his right hand below his chin. At the moment he was thinking how important his job was. He was still thinking, missing the part where the girl with the Zorua was speaking without rest to Hikari Densetsu. Ichigo had the courage to say hello to Hinata, under his ears still.


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