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    My vote goes for the Dark Future. (Just how ominous this sounds!)

    Before HG/SS came out, I've played quite some 2nd gen remake hacks, CrystalDust being among them. It's a well-made game and much effort was put into it, but it just doesn't have what it takes to get that award, in my opinion.

    Snakewood is on the lead, and that was obvious. As for myself, I just don't like the overall idea of it, zombies? Sigh. Also, fakemon is the last thing one would like to see in a decent hack. That same thing goes for the type changes, and that was also the only downside of Prism, IMO. I'm not saying this hack is bad, it's just not my taste.

    Dark Future, on the other hand... well, it didn't seem that special at first. The main reason that brought me to play this hack was that it was a 2nd gen one, and the fact it involved ASM editing (guys from Skeetendo usually have the job done nicely). I've played this one just recently, and haven't finished the beta yet, but I must say:

    Dark Furute is the best out of those three. Just play it and find out yourselves.

    That RPG feel it's something that was always missing in Pokemon. Yes, Pokemon is a RPG game by default, but it lacked some elements that defined this genre. Dark Future is packed with quests, has a really decent storyline (it does not involve zombies as far as I'm concerned, though.), and has some really unique traits not found in any other hack I've played so far, and I've played quite a lot of them. I'd even go ahead and say it rivals Prism in some aspects. Not convinced yet? Just play it already!

    (No seriously, I'm pretty sure that a lot of people voting here didn't even play all of the hacks qualified for this HotQ, and that's bad. Sadly, we just tend to vote for what we know.)
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