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    Name: Roark Turrow

    Gender: Male

    Empire: The Peace Empire

    Age: 15

    Special Power: Toark has an incredibly well honed internal compass; it is a rare occasion when he doesn't know exactly where he stands on a map. This makes him an excellent pathfinder, often knowing the exact route to a certain location, and finding short-cuts that most people would never be able to find. Roark has an excellent pair of ears; however, his eyes are somewhat lackluster in comparison. Roark is so good at hearing that he can hear a pin drop and make an estimation of how far away the pin is. Despite his bad eyesight, he has excellent spacial awareness. Roark is very light on his feet, and is good at moving around silently. However, he isn't the most physically imposing person, and lacks significant muscle mass. Unknowingly to most, just like his Zubat companion, Roark can employ echo-location to find his way around, but if his Zubat is around he usually leaves the squeaking up to him.

    Appearance: Roark has somewhat long, dark hair that partially obscures his eyes. He will often wear dark tunics that weigh as little as possible so that he can take advantage of his nimbleness. On his right arm there is a red scar from when he had fallen into a cavern as a child. He is also known to wear a grey scarf around his neck which he will pull over his eyes if the situation calls for it. The damage Roark's eye's have taken had shifted their appearance; instead of the colored pupils most people had, Roark's pupils were almost completely white. People were often uneasy about staring into them, so Roark grew his hair out and decided to rely more on his hearing to navigate.

    Personality: Roark doesn't feel comfortable in large groups, and prefers to only be with smaller parties. To some others in the Peace Empire he is very odd, almost frightening, but despite his darker appearance he shares in the ideals of the empire as a whole. Roark doesn't speak much to people he doesn't know, and people often have difficulty sparking conversation with him. In combat Roark is a cool and calm person; the only time he really begins to feel nervous is when he feels exposed to the enemy, or when he is surrounded by many people. On the outside he appears to be an anti-social person who would rather work alone, but Roark is really just a very lonely person who doesn't want to admit he enjoys the companionship of his teammates.

    Background: As a child Roark was never one to sit still. He enjoyed the thrill of adventure, and would often wander off to explore without his parent's consent. One day, Roark discovered a large rocky pit. Curiosity made Roark lean forward to get a better look, but he lost his footing and fell in, dropping into a terribly dark cavern. The fall dropped Roark into a large pit of pointed stones, cutting up his arm and damaging his eyes. Afraid, Roark sat in the stones and cried for help, but no one was able to hear him.

    In his pain and misery, however, Roark could feel something. Gradually, sounds that he normally couldn't hear began to enter his ears. He could hear droplets of water falling from the cave's roof as they struck the ground, and many other sounds that he couldn't pick up before. It felt almost like he gained a sixth sense; every time he heard a sound, it painted the picture of the surrounding cave with clarity that Roark would never be able to sense with his eyes. Roark sat there for quite a well, intently listening to the sounds of the cave and discovering new things as he sat there.

    Another thing that Roark could exist in the cave was the existants of Magmamites and other steel type pokemon. The magnetism in the air made Roark feel a bit odd as he sat in the rubble. However, Roark decided that it was time to leave; he hoped his newfound abilities would help him detect an exit as he wandered the cave, literally blind but seeing the world more clearly then ever. As he spent more time exposed to the magnetic waves of this cave, another thing changed. At all times Roark seemed to feel something pointing him in different directions. It must have been something located deep in his mind; but something in his head was pointing him in the proper direction. Combined with his new echo-location abilities, Roark was able to find his way out of the cavern and back home without becoming even more hurt. The odd part was, he seemed to know exactly where home was after leaving the cave, despite not visiting the cave entrance before.

    After hearing about what happened to Roark, his parents had never let them out of their site again until he became 15. Roark hated the attention; ever since his experience in the cave, he had the desire to be alone and in silence. Growing tired of his parent's overprotective tendencies, Roark moved out and joined the Peace Empire, hoping to escape the prying eyes of his parents and to start anew.

    Pokemon and move set: Zubat (Nicknamed Fang )
    Wing attack, Poison Fang, Leech Life, Supersonic
    "I wish I had a proper evolution," Surskit on Evolving.

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