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    Cut the exp gain by half! On other hand the Elite Four of first region have around level 30 pokémon O__o.

    Try something like:
    multiplier = 100 + (pokemonLevel-20)*4
    multiplier = 100 if multiplier<100
    expToNextLevel = oldExpToNextLevel*multiplier/100
    Warning with rare candies.

    What I want: More original ideas, more than 90% of ideas are: All regions in one game; a portable game remake; a new region with eight type-based badges with ancient legend about the cover pokémon than villainous team try to catch (RSE/DPP clones).

    You can think on more creative game styles! How about a game that you are a bad guy?

    Originally Posted by Gmack View Post
    Plus, the game's files would be too large to upload pretty much most areas, and it would take too long to download.
    The things that uses file size are mp3 and videos. I think that is possible to make a game with all five regions with less of 50 MB.
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