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    I let out my best ironic scream as the meteor hit Candice's room.


    How is that ironic? Well, I perfectly immitated King Arthur from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, with his stereotypical midievil Britain accent. I felt kinda bad sfter that.

    Way to be an *sshole, Vinnie. Sh*t! Second person again.

    I went ahead and smacked myself on the back of the head, as my grandmother would have done for what I just said. But I mean, Candice was okay, right? She was in some sort of snowfield...not dead, right? The meteor hit after she teleported! Of course, I didn't know that when I had said "JESUS CHRIST!" but I did now. Okay, I'm a jerk. Now I feel sad. I hope Candice is okay...

    I zoom out some to look at the landscape. Just a bunch of snow and a few grey rocks. Fortunately, I get pestered.

    -- cunningFrauder began pestering bemyValentine --
    CF: Really?
    CF: be my valentine~?
    CF: Haha you are even more cool than our cool guy!
    CF: I like you already ;}
    CF: So, loverboy, I noticed you might need some help.
    CF: You probably didn't notice yourself yet~
    CF: But guess what happens now. Just take a guess!~!
    CF: And don't forget about Candice, no matter what happens. She is your responsibility, you know ;}

    BV: Wait, did you hear what I said?
    BV: I'm sorry....that was mean to say
    BV: But super cool, huh?
    BV: ......btws, are you a boy or girl?
    BV: I guess I just chill, right? Candice is safe for now?

    A scream interrupted my thougts. Looking out of my window- ****. I'm underground. There are no windows. I go up the stairs and stop at the top. I angle my head to see out the window on the ground floor living room. There were people mucking about, pointing at sky. Some were fleeing in the general direction of the airport. Oh great. Its a ****ing meteor. It has to be a goddamn meteor. In a sligtly post-apocolyptic mood, I think about all of my friends and girls that were going to die. I mean, of course I would live, right? I just had to do what Candice did. But...still. Its...not fair. Not fair at all! What about my parents? Or grandma? Do I even want to survive if everyone I know dies?!

    "GODDAMMIT! THIS IS COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSH*T! ITS NOT FAIR!" I scream. Like Will Smith in I am Legend when he has to kill Samantha. Aka, like a little b*tch. I look at sky, tears streaming from my eyes.


    I had never been super religous, but I used to believe in God. Now, I don't know. If there was one, I didn't want to be with him when I die. He's a dick. A right *sshole. Who does that? Kill everyone somebody knows and loves, but do the ultimate troll of saving them? I thought of Grandma, my mom. My dad. My friends. Becky. Samantha. Marie. Jade. Cecile. And Gina....damn it! I drop down to my knees and cry, for the second time today. Only this time I really cried. Not few tears and red face, but all out bawled like a baby on my staircase. On my hands now, I hunched over the third stair from the top, which was now covered in tears. I feel helples...I can't save them, or anything. I can watch, maybe call them and tell them its okay, but who listens to Vinnie? The man wh*re. Womanizer. Selfish loverboy. They don't know, about any of this, or how bad I feel. Or how sorry I am. I made lots of girls cry, and right now they'd probably laugh if they saw me like this. Good, thats all I'm good for right now.

    Yeah, so since my Coldplay depression after her, this was definately the saddest part of my life. And I didn't even know if that was a meteor. But it had to be. Thats just my ****ing luck. I know I can't save them...but I should try. One would think so. Sburb was the closest thing I had to a saviour. will save everyone this time...

    .....This time....

    Oh god. All of Candice's friends, the people in her town! God, now I feel downright awful. I cry again. I'm a scoundrel, a real heartless prick. Why the hell did I say that? Trying to be funny? If Candice heard that, she'd kick my ass. That was one of the most insensitive moments of my life. God, why am I such a douche?

    I sat up and tried to wipe my eyes. My shirt was covered in tears and snot. Gross. I walked back down to my spare room and took off my shirt. If I was hoing to do what Candice did, I would need to install the Client player, right? I changed shirts, and started to get on my laptop. No, I needed a change of scenery. I wrote in Ricardo's memo.

    BV: hey...
    BV: i need someone to be a server for me...
    BV: oh, and theres a meteor above my house...
    BV: so i guess i install the client now.

    I close the lid to my laptop, and head up the stairs to my old room, hoping to fire up my new computer, a desktop.

    Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!