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Candice Greyson

I left the brick on the ground, staring at window. The sky was as red as before, and there was chaos happening outside. Nothing seems to happen, and Frauder isn't responding back!!! Did I do something wrong?! Is she waiting for me to do something?! No matter. Maybe my time has finally arrived. I watched, I can't call him Fluffysprite anymore since apparently he was "prototyped" twice. Vinnie is obviously the only culprit. He and his love for Rubiks cubes.

"Bye Mr.Fluffy," I sadly wave at him, falling to my knees and looking out the window. Warm air hit against the window, the meteor too close for me to avoid anymore. All of a sudden, the brick on my hand was glowing. A bit shocked, I lifted the brick and stared at it with wonder. Growing thicker by the second, it suddenly engulfs my entire body. It didn't stop there though, and also enveloped Mr.Fluffy....Fluffysprite or something. It continued to spread past my room and stopped when it finally covered the entire house and front yard. Hope started to grow inside me at the sight. Was this the magic that was going to protect me? Who knows, that meteor is coming close. When my eyes glanced over the timer on the CRUXTRUDER'S screens, I only had a few seconds left. The brightness of the meteor was too much for me, making me drop the brick and cover my eyes with my arms., wait. I was still breathing, kneeling down, and covering my eyes. What's going on? Shouldn't the timer have reached zero? Shouldn't have the meteor impacted by now?

I then lowered my arms. Blinded by how bright it was outside, I winced and stood up. No, it was no longer red...not the brightness from a meteor that should have hit...but of something white outside. Turning around and lowering my arms, I stared at the wall before me. Breathing in and out, the sound of the chaos was no longer here, but gone. Puzzled, I slowly turned my body and...was shocked to see that instead of the usual chaos outside, it was replaced by a landscape coated in white snow.

"Snow? Woah, uhh, I can't believe this," I mumbled, rubbing my eyes and checking again. Nope, this was no was real. Where was I? Utterly confused, I glanced over at my follower. Before I could talk to him however, Mr. Fluffy started to behave in a very strange manner. The irregular, erratic blinking was so fast that I thought he was going to explode. All of a sudden, two orbs broke out of Fluffy-something-sprite. One was black as night, while the other white as snow. What was left of Fluffy-something-sprite was the usual head I was used to seeing, but he was now just ice blue in color. No more blinking, and there was a white shimmering light surrounding him. There was a major difference though. The sprite also had a body, and where Mr.Fluffy should have black fur, it was replaced with a darker blue color. His arms were normal...oh wait, they weren't. There was no paws, and apparently they were detached from the main body. They could move and transform just like a pile of Rubiks Cubes. The next second, Mr.Fluffy attached them back to his body, making me stare at him with wonder and curiosity. Only problem is, what replaced his legs was a cartoon-like ghostly tail.

Looking up, I saw the two orbs take different directions, heading their own way at a fast speed. I always wondered what the blinking meant, and if it had any significance of any sort. Fluffy-something-sprite needed an obvious new name. No longer the same old Mr. Fluffy, apparently I somehow had to add a part of the word "Rubiks" into the name...but what? Fluffybiksprite? No, too weird. Fluffbriksprite? Sounds like bricks. Fluffricksprite? Sounded way better than the rest, and was easy to say. Fluffricksprite it is!

Curious about the outside world, I make my way out the house. My legs deep into the snow, I studied the landscape around me. Mountains with snow caps would dot the land, as well as many caves that happen to be made out of ice. It's been a while since I've even SEEN snow or ice, so this was like a dream come true. Although freezing cold, I was lucky to be wearing a hoodie with me. Placing my headphones around my neck and unfolding my sleeves, I was intrigued by strange tracks in the snow. They were small and round in size, as if what ever was walking had no toes of any sort...and it seemed strange in a desolate place like this.

"Candice," a voice suddenly says, catching my attention. It as Fluffricksprite! His face is green and friendly now. "Are you alright? Welcome to the Medium."

"You can talk then? That's cool," I said, now facing him. "I'm alright...but what about you? I mean, I can't even start saying of the things that happened to you." After repeating what Fluffricksprite said, I realized he had said the word "medium." So was this the Medium? What was that? "So this is the Medium? As in, this whole place? This is pretty amazing."

Tilting my head up and watching the clouds, the thought of my dad never crossed my mind until the silence was interrupted by a loud yell. "WHAT HAPPENED?!" my dad hollered out, slamming the door open. Instead of answering him, I focused on a strange blue ring twenty feet or so hanging above the roof, just suspended in the air. Before I could get a good look at it however, my dad suddenly sprinted right past me, grabbing a hold of me. Wait, what WAS he doing? I watched as he tried to grab Fluffricksprite, desperate to get answers and destroy what he thought was a "monstrosity."

"Hey! It's okay! It's just Fluffricksprite!" I told him, escaping his grasp. Tilting his head, I knew I was in trouble from what I just said. He looked very mad, but confused at the same time. "Uhh, I can explain eeeeeverything...maybe we can...uhh, sit down and talk it out?" I force out a shy smile, hoping he fell for it.

"What are you trying to imply?" he used a serious tone, narrowing his eyes at me.

"Uhh...I can explain it to you? Maybe if we sit somewhere that's not cold?" I suggested, pointing at the house and the ground. Wanting answers, and now, he forced himself to sit down on the cold snow. "Or here," I mumbled to myself, sitting down as well. "WELL, to make it short and sweet for you, I got a game and started playing it. It was like Sims, but real. My friend Vinnie, the one I was playing with, could move everything around the house, as if I WAS THE SIM. He started to place these strange machines that were sky blue in color and...these strangers started-"

"Are you sure you didn't hit your head?" he interrupted me, not understanding a word I said.

"No, I'm pretty sure I'm not dreaming after all the slips and hits I had," I sarcastically replied, making my dad fold his arms with a skeptical look.

"How do I know you're not seeing illusions?"

"Does this land of snow just randomly appeared?" I point at the snow all around us. "You're obviously seeing it too." He suddenly jumped up, feeling jittery and cold. "Do you believe me now?"

"Yes...yes I do...but-" he was interrupted by the sight of Fluffriksprite. He stared at my sprite for the longest time, only to turn pale. "I'm dreaming." All of a sudden, he collapsed on the ground.

"DAD!" I let out, rushing to his aid. Apparently all this was too much for him, especially when he was staring at a ghost panda made out of rubiks cubes. I tried to lift him up using my sheer strength, but he was too big and heavy. Not wanting to waste my time, I sat beside him and looked up at Fluffriksprite. "So...what am I supposed to do now?"