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Ragnaros 'Bloodthirster' Phylax

The bright, shimmering sunlight was striking Bloodthirster's wing, who was wide awake for two hours, but he wasn't moving one bit and was holding his eyes shut. His wounds were still hurting, but the feeling was slowly backing off. When he felt completly refreshed, he opened his eyes and spread his wings wide open. He was soaring through the morning sky, roaring in joy, with all the negative thoughts of yesterday locked in a distant corner of his mind. He travelled above the forest that was surrounding the village for an hour, before noticing a commotion on the ground. He dove towards the village, recognizing the members of the Gold Tribe.

He stood next to them with a rather abrupt landing that made him grunt and listened to what was going on: apparently, Lyn was unfolding a lie to a Defender that had found his sanity again. Ragnaros shook his head in disapproval, but he didn't stop anyone. It was for the best of Defender's health, anyway - but he feared the worst when their Golduck friend found out the truth. But the dragon was getting impatient with the ruse of this forest.

'Speaking of the Alpha Alliance... aren't we late to our little rendezvous under those watchtowers?' He said with his usual loud voice. 'And I suppose we aren't carrying this guy around for nothin', right?' He stared intently at Noctus with his eyes brimming.

'So, maybe we should get moving already, and kindly ask our friend to spill the beans on how to get in the damned city.'