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Valorie Ryder - Road to/from Oak Town
Charizard raised a claw to her chest in a mildly egotistical manner and snorted out black flames. She seemed proud of herself. The fire lizard fondly remembered when she had evolved. Her trainer had fangirled over her new more dragon-like appearance. It had been one of the best feelings in the world.

Haxorus didn't seem inclined to take any nonsense from a pokemon and promptly stood tall, in a rather intimidating manner, showing off it's full, battle-armor clad height and battle-axe head. It made a point to growl in a rather lone tone. However, it seemed to relax a bit after Scyher was called away.

Meanwhile, most of Valorie's pokemon seemed... confused. A handshake was a pretty human gesture. Some of Valorie's pokemon couldn't even return it if they tried. Mamoswine in particular just sort of blankly stared at Void in response. One pokemon was an exception however, and that was Dragonite. While initially confused, the large dragon pokemon reached out and took Void's hand, before pulling the other pokemon into a hug.

...Valorie's cheeks turned a light red. Well golly! I wonder where Dragonite learned that gesture! One could figure that it had hugged Valorie on more than one occasion. Regardless, Valorie turned around and pointed down the road.

"It's that way..!~ You can't miss it. It's getting late though... You know there's a pokemon center and a pokemart at the academy right?"

She paused a moment. When she continued, a smile took over her expression

"Oak Town does have really good food and drink shops and a TM store, though..! I go there sometimes to pick up a smoothie--"

She was interrupted by a familiar voice. Mark might notice that Valorie was wearing a half-cape, a common practice among dragon masters. It looked very official, not crude or home-made at all. Where... did she get that? Valorie looked up and turned her gaze towards Mark, raising a hand to wave at him. Dragonite had a much less controlled reaction.

"Hey Mark!"

The large pokemon abruptly took off as if it were a dog that had just spotted a particularly interesting looking squirrel. It stopped less than a few feet from Mark... and immediately picked him up, hugging him as if he were a long lost friend. Valorie just sort of went blank at this for a moment before glancing back at Haru.


Olivia Wolf - Beach
Olivia looked around and squinted. The sun was down completely. Yet, traces of light still littered the sky. She was trying to figure out without a clock of any sort, just by the light levels. SO HARDCORE, rite?

"Um... I'd guess... between nine and ten?"

...She then pulled up her poketch and just... checked it. Her expression glowed with satisfaction. It seemed she had been right.


Just then, a male voice interrupted Olivia's thoughts. It had said hello. She looked up and around before spotting Calnith. He approached and proceeded to not only offer Olivia his jacket but go out of his way to wrap it around her without waiting for a response. Olivia's cheeks promptly turned a nice pink despite the cold. Oooh snap, bad boy steppin' all over yo' turf, Kenshin.

"Oh--thanks...~ I'm Olivia, and this is Kenshin."

She gestured at Kenshin briefly, hugging the jacket around herself. She certainly wasn't ungrateful.

"We were out enjoying the beach, and looking for Pokemon. What about you?"

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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