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Kayla and Holly

Jasmine looked over at Rama and then over to Yuri, frowning. "Jasmine, just drop it.",Yuri said. "Fine...",Jasmine said looking at the ground. Rosemary started jumping around and jumped onto Kayla's head. "Holly, I don't think you've met my pokemon yet.", Kayla said. Holly turned and looked around. She looked at Jasmine and Yuri. "Are they alright?",she asked. Kayla looked at Holly and laughed. "Don't worry. That's how Yuri stops her from getting into fights.",Kayla said. Holly looked over at them for a second before turning back to Kayla. "OK...",she said.

Kayla giggled and took Rosemary off of her head. "This little cutie is Rosemary!",she said. Rosemary jumped out of her arms and landed on Holly's shoulder. "Hello!",Rosemary said. Holly looked at her and smiled. "She's so cute",she said, petting Rosemary on the head. Rosemary purred and snuggled up to Holly. "It looks like she likes you! But then again, she likes everybody!",Kayla said, laughing a little. Molly came out of her pokeball yawning. "Hello, everybody...",she said. Yuri looked up, wagging her tail, before turning her attention back to Jasmine. Rosemary looked at Molly and raised a paw in greeting. "Hi!",she said. Jasmine looked up and frowned. "Hi...",she said, kicking at the ground. "Don't mind her. She's just in a bad mood.",Yuri said, still biting on Jasmine's tail. "Yeah she's just a little miss grumpy pants!",Rosemary said. "I'm not in the mood, Rosemary.",Jasmine said. Kayla laughed a little, while Holly kept petting Rosemary.
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