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Update Number 1 for Leaf Green:

Obtained Starter, choosing Charmander. I got a girl (nearly squealed with delight when I saw the gender) and nicknamed her Ember

Numerous Rattata encounters on the first trip up Route 1 prevented me from catching anything there after getting the balls.

Delivered the parcel and got my Pokedex.

Got back up Route 1 with no encounters (weird and not funny since this is what I was hoping for during the first excursion).

Healed up, went over to Route 22 where I caught my first Pokemon a
Mankey (and just what I was looking for too!) whom I named Mickey

I headed north to Route 2 and Viridian Forest to add two new members to the team before doing some more training

With a couple of close calls here and there Wilma (my Weedle I caught in the Forest) evolved into a Kakuna rather rapidly and soon into a Beedrill.

I headed west on Route 22 and encountered Gary having my first battle. Shaw (my Pidgey I caught on Route 2) took down his Pidgey with a bit of difficulty while Mickey took care of his Squirtle.

Stocked up on some more Pokeballs, some Potions, and plenty of Antidotes for the long journey through the forest and headed north.

Made it through the forest with no problems.

After arriving in Pewter I began moving back and forth between the Pokemon Center and the Forest to train the team.

At the team at Level 14 and me feeling confident I decided to take the gym challenge.

The junior trainer for Brock provided little challenge to Mickey who K-O'd the Geodude in one move and the Sandshrew in three.

Grabbed a potion and healed Mickey before stepping up for the Gym Leader fight.

Despite my concerns about him taking on Onix a newly leveled up Mickey (he gained a level after fighting Brock's Geodude) proved no match for the Onix.

Healed up at the Center, stopped by the Mart to grab some more items and then headed west after getting my running shoes towards Mt. Moon.

Made it through the gauntlet of trainers at Mt. Moon and caught a female Nidoran I named Nora.

Went to the Pokemon Center at the base of Mt. Moon on Route 4 and paid for a Magikarp (the quicker I can get to training it the sooner it will evolve) I named Malik.

Ventured into Mt. Moon briefly to expand the team before going out to train Malik and caught a Geodude I dubbed Gigi.

I boxed Wilma for now and withdrew Gigi since she will be my main fighter for Lt. Surge.

Ember evolved into a Charmeleon and than I leveled up Malik one more time before saving and quitting at the base of Mt. Moon.

So far so good. No deaths yet. Though I had a close call with Nora when I underestimated a wild Pokemon's strength. One HP from losing her but she survived and is currently on the team.


Name: Ember
Species: Charmeleon
Lv: 16
Gender: Female
Known Moves: Scratch
Metal Claw

Name: Malik
Species: Magikarp
Lv: 7
Gender: Male
Known Moves: Splash

Name: Shaw
Species: Pidgey
Lv: 15
Gender: Male
Known Moves: Tackle
Quick Attack
Sand Attack

Name: Mickey
Species: Mankey
Lv: 16
Gender: Male
Known Moves: Scratch
Fury Swipes
Low Kick
Karate Chop

Name: Nora
Species: Nidoran F
Lv: 10
Gender: Female
Known Moves: Growl
Tail Whip

Name: Gigi
Species: Geodude
Lv: 10
Gender: Female
Known Moves: Tackle
Defense Curl
Mud Sport


Name: Wilma
Species: Beedrill
Lv: 15
Gender: Female
Known Moves: Poison Sting
String Shot
Fury Attack


None as of right now!
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