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    Calnith Sol NeverWind Location-Beach:

    "Well it's nice to meet you Olivia and Kenshin," Calnith said with a smile as he then pet his Houndoom. He wondered why they were out so late wearing so little. Must have been enjoying themselves so much they lost track of time or something. There was a nice breeze that blew some of his hair into his face. The memory of catching KingClaw popped back up into his head when he looked at the ocean water. Man was that such a long time ago and a lot of things had changed this then.

    "It seems a bit late to be enjoying the beach anymore and when it comes to pokemon I've heard there are Tynamos around here which are pretty strong Pokemon since they can avoid their type weakness with their levitate ability," He commented as he thought about it. Catching a Tynamo would probably help deversitise his team but he already had enough Pokemon to train. He was lost in his thoughts for a moment almost forgetting what Olivia had asked.

    "Oh me? I'm just having a stroll around the island before I go back to the academy and go to sleep. Recently though my Metang evolved and I caught a Skorupi," The red haired teen said as he released the newly evolved Metagross and the newly caught Skorupi. As the Metagross appeared it looked to Olivia with a bored expression on its face before it then tucked it's legs in and floated over to Calnith. Calnith then stepped onto the Metagross now floating a bit above the ground with it. "This is Colossus and the Skorupi is Razor," He said introducing his Pokemon.

    "So find any good Pokemon?" He asked as Colossus then started to spin around like a top just to annoy Calnith. The Metagross stopped once Calnith stomped on his head.
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