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Reviewing for me is a reward for the writer as well as some strong pointers here and there. The reason I don’t review as often as I should is because I feel like it has to be somewhat earned. I have to see a certain degree of dedication. That is mainly why I don’t review the first chapters because I feel like I have to get to know them to judge where they are going. Also, I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

Reviewing can be fun if the writer interacts as well. I have told several people things in their work and they won’t listen. I feel like I’m talking just to be talking sometimes. That discourages me from writing my normally lengthy reviews to just anybody. Most of the time, I know fan fiction writers don’t really think about the fundamentals of the writing process. I have no passion to point out those. They should be something that the writer themselves go out and take initiative.

So, ultimately, I have to be impressed. I know it sounds rather bad, but I feel like it is more rewarding to the viewer when they see a good half a page for their effort. So, I don’t hand them out as often.

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