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Sorry for no updates these days because i was busy
Update 6#
As I promised I trained aquaman like the others to lv.35

so i got the coin case and spend 2 hours to get 2 ice beam tms and 2 thunderbolt tms
1 ice beam tm i give to aquaman instead of aurora beam

then I battled celedon city's gym and it was a joke thanks to aquaman's ice beam

I battled erika and aquaman did a great job thanks to ice beam

i get to team rocket's base and battled giovanny there onix falls to a water pulse from draga aquaman defeats rhyhorn with a water gun and armor defeats kangaskhan with 2 brick breaks and he gets to lv.36 and armor evolved to blastoise
and i get the silph scope to see ghosts

In the next update i will go to the pokemon tower and defeat these ghosts


armor the blastoise lv.36 (black glasses)


water gun

brick break


draga the gyarados lv.35

dragon rage



water pulse

aquaman the vaporeon lv.35


ice beam

water gun

quick attack
Feraligatr and Krookodile Best Pokemon Ever
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