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I just gonna highlight important parts because i've done so much since the last update there is so much to remember

beat the gyms in celadon, saffron, and about to beat the one in fuchsia city

i honestly can't remember much more

what i caught and killed each area

route 1 killed a pidgey
route 2 killed a weedle
viridian forest captured a Lv3 pikachu named her Mouse
route 3 caught a Lv7 spearow named her Bird
mt. moon caught a Lv8 geodude named her Rock
route 4 caught a second Lv10 spearow later traded it for a far'fetched in vermillion
route 5 caught a Lv13 oddish named it Weed
route 6 caught a Lv12 meowth named it Rufus(the name of one of my cats)
route 24 can't remember what i killed
route 25 caught a Lv13 pidgey named it Pidgen
vermillion city traded a second spearow for a Lv10 Far'fetched named Ch'ding o.o
digglet's cave caught a Lv19 digglet named it Mole
route 11 caught a Lv12 ekans named it Snake(forgot that ekans is snake backwards)
route 9 caught a spearow named Raptor
route 10 caught a voltorb named Pokeball
rock tunnel caught a onix named Boulder
celadon city got a eevee named spiky
pokemon tower caught a gastly named ghost
route 12 caught a snorlax named fatty
route 17 caught a dodou named doublebird
caught a gyarados in the little pond in fuchsia city named sea dragon
caught a nidoran male in saffari zone
silph co got a lapras named swimmy
fighting dojo got a hitmonchan named boxer

currrent team

Spikey the Jolteon Lv39
Sea Dragon the Gyarados Lv33
Bird the Fearow Lv31
Fatty the Snorlax Lv31
Rabbit the Nidoran(male) Lv24
Plant the Venusaur Lv45


rapter the spearow Lv19
weed the gloom Lv30
ghost the gastly Lv15
doublebird the dodou Lv26
swimmy the lapras Lv25
boxer the hitmonchan Lv25


Rock Lv8-Lv17
Mouse Lv3-Lv19
Snake Lv12-Lv16
Mole Lv19-Lv19
Pidgen Lv13-Lv21
Ch'ding Lv10-Lv17
Pokeball Lv16-Lv17
Rufus Lv12-Lv23
Boulder Lv15-Lv25

i'm doing another challenge so i'm gonna take a break from the nuzlocke challenge. does anyone know a good hm slave for kanto? i know gyarados is a good one but i dont want to use the one i have know.
sorry for the bad update.
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