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    Adrastros Sacramenti

    "Sorry dude, I've never been good with this whole time-zone thing." Adan said to a guy with a rather lonesome look.

    After a while his conversation with Hunter had finally ceased, and Adan had gone back to his seat. After being comfortable for a while, Pudgey jumped and landed over his lap, making Adan release a small cry of pain. He settled down after the obese Pidgey curled up like a ball.

    Adan began dreaming once again. He was now in an unknown stadium, surrounded by an over-excited crowd that filled his ears with jeers as much as cheers. He was holding a trophy, he wasn't sure of where he was, but he was sure that he had just become a champion of whatever place that was.

    The sunlight went through his hair almost making it shine as he was slowly heading to the center of the stadium, holding the trophy high in the air with both hands, tears of joy streaming down his face.

    "AHHHHHH" A sudden scream snapped him out of his slumber, also startling Pudgey.

    It was Hunter, who just sighed in relief after that.

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