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    Originally Posted by Keegsu View Post
    I recently replaced the battery in my old Ruby Version cart, as it had run dry due to age. Some things have been working fine since the replacement (clock's running, Shoal Cave works like it's supposed to). Other things, however, are displaying symptoms very reminiscent of the old Berry Glitch that used to plague Ruby & Sapphire versions (berries won't grow, lotto tickets don't work). Now, I can't imagine the R/S/E programmers devoting much effort to elegantly restoring all the RTC related functionality after a dry battery has been replaced so finding these glitches after going through the effort to repair my cart are kind of disappointing but unsurprising.

    I'm wondering about the feasibility of dumping my save using a tool like GBA_Backup_Tool and using some hacking tools to determine what's gone wrong with my save, perhaps comparing it with a healthy save, then fixing it and dumping it back to the original cart. Has fixing a bug like this ever been tried before?
    I think this is more of a question then actual research but I shall answer it anyway. I recall R/S had some problem making it so that time based events would stop work properly after a year. They did later on have ways to fix this. You can link it up to XD gale of darkness and it will fix it I believe. Also you can link it up to FR/LG and do something and it will also get fixed. I can't remember if Emerald does the same or if Colosseum had a fix. Google and research it, I can tell you there is definitely no need to dump your save.

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