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Watching this weeks Raw found me thinking to myself

Why isn't there a WWE themed section on the forum? Surely there are fans of it out there?

So looking around, I found this little club! =)

Entry Questionnare:
-What wrestling business do you watch most?
WWE, but I watch TNA every week too, but have watched WWE since I was 10.

-Who is your favorite wrestler?
1 - CM Punk (Literally, Best In the World)
2 - Daniel Bryan
3 - Chris Jericho
But back in the day it was a cross of either The Rock or Jericho (Obviously still love the latter, but to pick an undisputed first for modern day it's defenitely Punk)

-What is your favorite finisher:
Crippler Crossface / Yes Lock
Styles Clash

-Favorite match?
Survivor series 2002 - Team WWE VS The Alliance for control of the WWE

30 Minute ultimate Submission Match - Chris Benoit VS Chris Jericho

Money In The Bank (Punks ''Last'' match) cena VS Punk for WWE Title

Could name loads more but I wont xD
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