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Didn't take me long to lose my first Pokemon I guess.

I noticed it while training her but Nora had absoulutely horrible defense, so it wasn't the world's biggest surprise that I lost her only after having for a short while.

RIP Nora the Nidoran F Lv 6-10

The run through Mt. Moon was pretty straight forward. Stopped and picked up items along the way but nearly ran out of potions by the time I was done with the TR Grunts.

I taught Mickey Mega Kick through one of the tutors on the outside before making my way to the Cerulean City Pokemon Center.

Gary wasn't very difficult and I started the Nugget Badge.

After the second trainer I used a Rare Candy I had picked up to finally evolve Malik into a Gyrados.

A combination of a Trainer's Nidoran's critical hitting him and the infamous Poison Point caused the death of Shaw far too soon shortly after Malik's evolution. -sigh- And I was really looking forward to raising him to be a Pidgeot.

RIP Shaw the Pidgey Lv. 2-17 (so close to being a Pidgeotto)

I completed the bridge without problem after that but of course the Route 24 Pokemon had to be an Abra, and of course it wouldn't go into the Pokeball I threw at it.

And no grass types for this trainer to use because the Pokemon I ended up catching for Route 25 was a Caterpie I named Chris. -sigh- Looks like it's going to be up to Mickey and Malik to take down Misty.

On the bright side technically Chris was a level to high to still be a Caterpie so it was very short work to make him a Butterfree.

And the course of no grass Pokemon for moi continued as when I ventured south hoping to add one I ended up getting a Meowth that I named Marina. I chose to drop her off at the Day Care while I trained the rest of the team and then pick her up.

Only to make an incredibly stupid mistake while training Gigi and get her knocked out by a Bellsprout three levels below her making me return down south to pick up Marina.

RIP Gigi the Geodude Lv 7-18

On the bright side though Marina's short stay at the Day Care wasn't completely in vein as she did gain a level.

My annoyance at a lack of a grass type started to fade as I trained Marina and Chris who quickly were proving to be power houses in their own rights. I will miss Gigi, Shaw, and Nora a lot but maybe theirs a reason why those things happened. Maybe, just maybe I wouldn't have discovered the two powerhouses I now have if I still had those three.

Though the team was slightly under leveled, quick thinking, some status upsetting moves and switching Pokemon led to a victory against Misty without losing another teammate.

Anyway this will probably be my last update until next week due to personal reasons.


Name: Ember
Species: Charmeleon
Lv: 20
Gender: Female
Known Moves: Scratch
Metal Claw

Name: Malik
Species: Gyrados
Lv: 20
Gender: Male
Known Moves: Splash

Name: Mickey
Species: Mankey
Lv: 20
Gender: Male
Known Moves: Scratch
Mega Kick
Low Kick
Karate Chop

Name: Wilma
Species: Beedrill
Lv: 20
Gender: Female
Known Moves: Poison Sting
String Shot
Fury Attack

Name: Chris
Species: Butterfree
Lv: 20
Gender: Male
Known Moves: Tackle
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Name: Marina
Species: Meowth
Lv: 21
Gender: Female
Known Moves: Scratch
Pay Day




Name: Nora
Species: Nidoran F
Lv: 10
Gender: Female
Known Moves: Growl
Tail Whip

Name: Shaw
Species: Pidgey
Lv: 17
Gender: Male
Known Moves: Tackle
Quick Attack
Sand Attack

Name: Gigi
Species: Geodude
Lv: 18
Gender: Female
Known Moves: Tackle
Rock Throw
Mud Sport
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