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    Hanso smirked for a moment as Penance came to his senses. They usually did. His smirk left when Penance talked like he didn't remember anything. Not good. Not good at all.

    "You...don't remember anything?" Zane asked Penance. "Defender...the ambush..."

    "Was a success!" A voice said from behind. Hanso turned in a slow circle to see Lyn speaking, smiling brightly at Defender. "You got knocked out, but your plan went off without a hitch, and we rescued Roswell's brother. Roswell said that Noctus here would lead us into Albia!" Lyn turned to Noctus. "Isn't that right, Noctus?" She asked him.

    "Err...yea. I'll be taking you guys to finish you job." Lyn nodded at him, still smiling brightly. She turned back to Defender and continued.

    "Dark Lightning traveled to meet with General Belas and General Hazone and update them on our status, and see theirs as well. We'll probably meet up with him again when the battle starts."

    Every word that came from Lyn's mouth hung in Hanso's mind. She was lying to Penance. Who would, quite possibly, just go crazy again when he learned the truth. Except an angry kind of crazy. Yet, it was the wrong time to try telling the truth.
    Hanso shook his head and walked to the edge of the group as Ragnaros spoke. 'Speaking of the Alpha Alliance... aren't we late to our little rendezvous under those watchtowers?' He said with his usual loud voice. 'And I suppose we aren't carrying this guy around for nothin', right?' He stared intently at Noctus with his eyes brimming.

    'So, maybe we should get moving already, and kindly ask our friend to spill the beans on how to get in the damned city.'

    As Penance began speaking again, Hanso sighed as he looked around at the village, arms folded. We have a sane, planning Golduck at the price of some of our own honesty. Sure, Lyn was the one who spoke the words, but the rest of them were guilty by silence or spoken consent. What happened, anyways? Why the amnesia? All the same, he listened to Penance's plan. Simultaneously...Hanso could teleport and Ragnaros could fly. Calamity looked to be the silent-sneaker type. Hoodhide, Penance, and Lyn could move around quietly enough. Especially Lyn. She pops outta nowhere all the time.

    Hanso flinched as Penance mentioned Dark Lightning. No good can come of this.

    If they were going to have a lookout, they would need a means of communication. Penance mentioned flying types as messengers.

    Hanso turned back to the group. "To answer your question, Ragnaros," he said, "if memory's right, the army marches on Albia a week from the time of our meeting back in Eternity. If it hasn't been a week yet, then we may have some time to smooth out our plans." He frowned a bit as he stared at Penance, arms still folded. Maybe there's something we could say to him to soften the blow that'll come...