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Vieve Gotle

This is it the moment where the meteor absorbs me and I’m not quite sure what happens after that. The sky is a rather neat shade of red I enjoy looking up at it, which I do so that I don’t have to look at Tiberiusprite. Oh right, he isn’t really Tiberiusprite anymore but what to call him? Prostitutesprite? Transprite? There are just too many possibilities and for some reason “he” doesn’t have the ability to communicate with me. Sitting “crisscross-applesauce” is the way I prefer to sit and luckily my dress is long enough to allow me to do so. The fringe dress in my hand starts to glow at first it’s just a dim glow but then brightens. A rumble beneath the machine I’m on scares me to death, which is funny since I’m actually facing death by meteor right now. What if Blaster said that’ll be safe just so that I’m relaxing instead of freaking out and I’m still going to die. There’s nothing I can do now because the meteor is here and it’s very large.

“I hope we do survive, no, I hope they all survive,” At this point the screams, the car horns, and car alarms are all swirling around into one big sound. My dress’s light soon covers me with light then it extends its reach to Tiberiusprite and soon my whole property. This isn’t what I am expecting but it’s definitely working out for the best. Actually the light is so blinding I’m squeezing my eyes shut to avoid needing to eye surgery in the future.

A weird feeling comes over me and suddenly I know it’s fine if I open my eyes. I realize that I'm still in my garden and I ‘m wondering what’s the point of that meteor? Oh, I look pass the outline of my house, which I’m very thankful is still here, to see very large trees behind it. I rotate my head around to see that I’m in a freaking jungle! How did I end up here? This is where the light the dress took me? My whole entire neighborhood is gone and-and only Tiberiusprite and I were left. Almost as if he knows that I’m thinking about him he then makes himself center of attention by releasing two orbs from his body. They are black and white in color and take off flying into the sky, which I can barely see because of all the trees. This forest is really quite the sight but I’m focusing on my “friend”. When I look down from the sky I notice that Tiberius is a lot different, He’s no longer flashing but he remains a violet color which surprises no one.

“Oh, holy hell!” My hands fly straight to my face. I cannot possibly describe how tragic this situation is becoming. I’m going to kill Ricardo first chance I get; he is not funny at all. His head is the same as before but now “he" has a body which I’m now wishing he didn’t. Breast, “he” has naked breast and they are large and some place deep inside me pings with jealously. The arms are human with a little bit of purplish fur on them and luckily have paws on them. There aren’t any legs, which I guess he doesn’t need since he’s floating but he has a nice tail. This is one of those sights that cannot be unseen not even if I’m this close to scraping my eyes out.

I hear a noise but it soon goes away well I know that whatever it is can’t be good. To avoid looking at Whateversprite I stare into the sky for a second time. That’s when I notice a violet ring up above the forest like it’s surrounding the landscape. Okay, now I know that I’m officially in some strange land complete with its own security force field or at least that’s what I think it is. I decide now is as good as any other to get up and go to the house. Gavin’s probably freaking himself out about this but what could I do? I lean against a large, tree trunk that I can most likely make a whole house out of.

"Genevieve!" a strange voice suddenly says happily. It sounds like a teenage boy is trying to speak like a classy woman. "Look at all these climb-able trees! I think I'm getting... very lustful."

“It’s Vieve, simple enough?” I spin around to just in time see Tiberiusprite’s mouth close my god those lips are awful. “It’s terrible enough that you are… like that… but stop speaking like that.” Tree climbing? Really? In this dress? If he is trying to be a lady then he definitely has a lot more to learn. I move on towards the stairs, which now have vines running up and down them. The last thing I want to do is check the computer so I ignore it for the moment. Opening up my bedroom I head to Gavin’s room where he is sure to be except there isn’t a door. Goddamn you to hell Ricardo! I’m pounding on the wall trying to see if Gavin can hear me then I listen with my ear against the wall with no luck. Maybe I could break down this wall with my axe? It will take awhile but it will be worth the effort. Wait, I’m pretty sure the shed is here too and I’m assuming that a sledgehammer will work a lot better than an axe. I make my way back through my room and down the stairs.

A rustle in the trees causes me to become uneasy. I notice that the leaves are so bright and vivid in color that they seem to be glowing like they’re radioactive. I go into the garden and don't notice the low hanging branch behind me. I hear the noise again and take a step backwards bumping my head into the branch. My hand ends up on the branch and something grabs it! Snatching my hand back I rush toward the house but end up tripping on some vines. I curl up into a ball and hope that whatever it is finishes me off quickly.

“You always were a scaredy cat,” I know that voice, unfortunately. It belongs to the most annoying person in my life actually that is quite the understatement. He offers out his hand to me. “Your dress is dirty, oh those are paint stains. Anyway where are we?”

“Why aren’t you freaking out? How are you out your room? Why are you wearing sunglasses? It’s not that sunny outside,” I’m blurting out all these questions as I take Gavin’s hand to stand up. In this moment of weakness I wrap my arms around him even though I know this is going to bite me in the ass later. His hair is getting long and is looking shaggy but he doesn’t care. As if we aren’t already don’t look like each other in the physical department we are now dress to match. He has on a white polo with black jeans on but they are covered in pieces of tree bark.

“Whoa, what’s that?” Even though I can’t see his eyes I know he’s looking directly at Tiberiusprite’s breasts. His face wrinkles a bit when I assume he sees that it has a cat face and paws. He truly has no shame, which is one major difference between us. “I must still be drunk.”

“Why wasn’t I blessed with a gay brother?”

“Hey, I’ve kissed a guy before!”

“You were probably drunk too! Are, are you drinking right now? Are you stupid? We’re in some mystic world and you’re getting drunk!” I didn’t notice the large bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand before now. As if to prove a point he took another swig of his alcoholic beverage then he blenches. I know he’s stupid but I could help but smile a bit at his stupidity. “Pass it here.”

“Really? Alright sis!” I just did mention how stupid he is right? I take the bottle and bring it up for a sip before I smash it to the ground with all my might. “What the hell? Why are you bugging? Do you know how much that cost?”

“You didn’t buy it you stole it from Mom’s liquor cabinet,” He clearly takes me for an idiot and I’ll let him think that because there’s a reason why I’m the superior twin. I need to get to my computer and see how the others are doing. Chances are if I’m in some different universe then they are too maybe even the same one! I take Gavin’s hand and start dragging him with me.

“Whoa, sis. I know people say “incest is the best so put your brother to the test” but I’m not into it!” His jokes are the dumbest ones that I hear and to think this is what makes him so-called popular. I let go of his hand and continue walking by myself with him and Tiberiusprite in tow. He makes himself comfort on my bed as soon as we enter my room. As soon as I open up my computer several conversations are lit up at the bottom of the screen. There’s a memo, which seems like the most important so I open that one up first.
-- bemyValentine responded to memo --
BV: hey...
BV: i need someone to be a server for me...
BV: oh, and theres a meteor above my house...
BV: so i guess i install the client now.

-- babelsEngineer responded to memo --
BE: Well, I'm right there with you.
BE: So don't expect /me/ to save you, I'm WAY more important than you anyways…
BE: d:
BE: Seriously though girls… help?

-- cunningFrauder responded to memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
CF: We never had these! Awesome ;}
CF: Anyways, I know how this is supposed to work, honeys.
CF: Vieve must become Vinnie's server player, and Candice must become Ricardo's.
CF: The girls might be a bit busy at the moment though~~ ;}
CF: Let's hope they read this before their dear boyfriends go BOOM~!

-- paintSplatter responded to memo --
PS: Who's this Vinnie some new girl?
PS: Quite the catch must have been easy enough.
PS: Uhh, joke aside I'll be downloading the server version now.
PS: PS, I'm in some jungle place now how about the rest of you?
When I say "now" that meant whenever I have time, which as of right now I do not. Hopefully Vinnie won't be too mad at me if I put this off for just awhile longer. I notice Ricardo’s conversation but I don’t respond to it right away. I look back at Gavin who’s staring out into the forest and Tiberiusprite who I’m not sure what he’s doing. I can’t believe that Gavin is getting dragged into this mess. It’s bad enough that I’m in it but I can’t handle some drunken fool who thinks he is too cool for school. Hopefully someone can tell me what to do next because I am completely lost here.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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