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    Here is my Application Form. The reason why I was previously 'No longer interested' was because I wanted to see if I can get anything out of RMXP Hacking. No luck.

    Username: SkyIsDarkBlue
    Skill: Storyline, Recolouring Tiles, Inserting Tiles (Smaller ones),
    Hacking experience: Almost a year now.

    Time zone: SGT
    Main contact style: PM/VM

    The Picture at the Proof part was fully repainted by me with the Tileset from AM. The tile was not done by me and full credits go to the maker. The reason why I used that as an example is because that was the hardest tile I have ever inserted. All spots have different colours.

    Oh, and also, you can use that at your Fire Red project. No credits needed.

    I also made a banner for Terror Black. I am lousy at doing them, but see if you like it.

    I wanted to include reshiram but the white part made it very hard. And also, the colours are supposed to be top red, bottom white (Like Pokeball) but it just blends in with the background.

    Oh, and 1 last thing. You don't need to recolour that house tile. Just change to Palette 2 (Fire Red).