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A secret hidden from you - Chapter 3

Khaos went down straightly with high speed, both Gloria's and Jamie's eyes started to form tears because of the speed. 'Ahhhhhh!!!' Jamie closed her eyes and started screaming.

'Is she always this scared?' Khaos asked Gloria who shrugged. 'She's afraid of hights.' She answered like it was the most normal sake of the world, well... Actually it was, alot of people were afraid of hights.

'Ahhhh okay thennn.' Khaos grinned as he started to fly a little bit slower, landing on the ground forward a old and big looking factory. 'Don't worry, this is a ghost-factory, there's no one here besides us.' Khaos said walking inside. 'G-g-ghost...?' Jamie stuttered. 'Oh! Mister Khaos! Jamie is also afraid of ghosts.' Gloria said smiling and holding her hands behind her back. 'I'm not a mister, i'm only 17.' Khaos laughed as he kept on walking.

'Hey Khaos! You're back?! Do you have food! I'm hungreehhhh!!!' A boy with black hair and a hat ran up to them. 'And who are these senorita's?' The boy asked curious. Jamie gave a cold look and moved one eyebrow. 'You said there was no one besides us?' Jamie said to Khaos, facing him with a cold look. 'Yes, i did said that, there really is no one, besides "us"' Khaos grinned again and waved to the boy with the hat.

'Yo Zeke! Come over here, bro! Khaos brought senorita's!' Zane shouted inside the factory, his voice was echoing trough the whole factory. 'Coming!' Someone shouted back. There was a ceiling above them, a second floor, that was probely the place they slept judging from the blanket hanging on the ceiling.

A brown haired boy with a headphone jumped down the ceiling. When he landed on the ground, it shaked and Gloria and Jamie almost fell, though... The boy was skinny so how did he make the ground shake? 'Hi there, i'm Zeke.' The boy with the headphone introduced himself as he waved with a kind smile on his face.

'That was quite a appearence, Zeke.' Khaos commented which embaressed Zeke a little. 'Y-yeah i'm sorry, i got a little too excited.' Zeke rubbed the back of his head and turned to the girls. 'So... What makes you gals special?' Zeke asked kindly.

'What makes us special...?' Gloria and Jamie glanced at each other out of confusing, finding this boy a little odd. 'Yeah, dontchu have a awesome power like me and my brother?' The boy with the hat asked them as he walked up. 'I'm Zane by the way.' He introduced himself.

'Uhm yeah... I'm Jamie, and this is my little sister Gloria.' Jamie pointed at her as she seemed a little freaked out. 'Really? You don't look like each other at all...' Zane took a closer look at Gloria, almost touching the tip of her nose with his. As Gloria found he came to close she quickly pushed him a little away with her hands and blushed. 'N-no! We aren't really sisters... Me, Jamie and Aisha act like sisters but we are only best friends.' Gloria quickly explained.

'Aisha?' Zeke's expression changed to questionating. 'Who's that?' Zane took a step behind and took a look at both of them. 'Aisha is our friend, she has been kidnapped by a demon...' Jamie's head turned to the ground with her hair overlapping her face, making it unaible for other people to see.

'Then forget about rescueing her, because she's dead.' Zeke spoke, not carefully but straight in their faces, suprising the girls. 'She's not dead! And she won't die either! We only THINK she's kidnapped by a demon, we are not sure yet, it could've been a man too...' Jamie showed her face again and immediately jumped into defense. 'Well, bit IF she's taken away by a demon then she's probely already dead by now, demons show no mercy.' Zeke replied. 'Hey! Khaos is a demon too bro! Watch your mouth!' Zane protected his friend.

'Guys, guys, guys... Calm down.' Khaos stood between the boys and the girls and faced all of them. 'Their friend is not dead, actually... She's the only one who can end all of this.' Khaos smiled at the boys. 'And don't worry girls, we'll find your friend and in meanwhile you can stay here.' Khaos moved his finger around like a teacher.

'I'm... Missing alot aren't i...?' Zeke rubbed the back of his head with his right hand, widened eyes too. 'The only one who can end this?' Zeke repeated what Khaos had said. 'Everything will be clear soon~' Khaos took out a little book that seemed like a manga and started reading it. The four teenagers looked weirdly at him as he started drooling, as he noticed this he flied away to the second floor, reading his manga futher over there. They stared at the second floor for awhile before they turned to each other again.

'So... You two actually look younger than us, at least Gloria does... what's your age?' Zane asked the two girls, Jamie started giggling. 'Well, that's kind of true, i'm 15 and Gloria is 14, she's going to turn 15 soon.' Jamie glanced at Gloria with a bright smile. 'Aisha is the oldest of us, she is 16 and will turn 17 in a few months.' Jamie seemed more opened up now towards the boys, even though it was risky to trust anyone in this war.

'Ah... See? I was right afterall.' Zane crossed his arms and nodded satisfied. 'I'm 17, and my brother here is 17 too, he's the oldest though.' Zane sighed. 'Hehe...i can't help mom and dad made you after me.' Zeke started laughing as he teased his little brother with that. 'Whatever.' Zane replied.

Both girls started laughing. 'But back to my question, what makes you girls special?' Zeke asked them, showing his curiousity with his expression. 'What makes us special....?' Gloria laugh faded when she got confused. 'Is there something that should make us special?' Jamie asked him. 'Well... My brother has super strenght! And i can see every living being near me by detecting their warmth.' Zane took out his gun and shouted around, when he stopped a few flies fell down out the air. 'See? I could feel the warmth of these flies and attack them.' Zane said proudly while putting his gun away.

'Wow.....' Jamie was silent as she took a look at her sis/bestie. 'Well... Gloria is super fast...' Jamie suddenly remembered. 'Aisha and i always have troubles with keeping up with her... Even though Aisha can be like a ninja sometimes!' Jamie glanced back at the boys.

'Ah... She's still like that, huh?' Khaos said quietly from the second floor, loud enough for the teenagers to hear but quiet enough that they couldnt hear -what- he said. 'Huh?' Zane took a look at him. 'What did you say, Khaos?' Zane asked him. 'Ah! No nothing, hehe, i was just mumbling.' Khaos continued reading.

'Are you eavesdropping?!' Jamie shouted at him. 'And what the hell are you reading?!' Jamie had her hands in her waists as she scolded at him. 'None of your business.' Khaos grinned.

'It's getting dark, we should rest.' Khaos putted away his manga and flied back to the first floor. 'Why? It's early...' Gloria protested. 'Well, if you want to save your friend-' Khaos shrugged as he walked away but Gloria and Jamie rushed past him and ran to the stairs to the second floor. 'Alright! We'll go to sleep!' They shouted. 'Okayyyyy...' Khaos said as he only stood there. 'Oh! And Zeke? What makes these girls special is that Gloria has super speed and Jamie is really clever.' Khaos answered Zeke's question. 'So... I'm super clever...?' Jamie asked herself as she stopped for a second as she thought, it would explain a thing or two.

'Oh... Well...' Zeke walked past him. 'C'mon Zane, we should rest too, i guess these girls could use some extra hands.' Zeke climbed above while being followed by his little brother. On the second floor there were many sleepingbags, blankets, pillows and many matrasses. 'Good night!' Gloria cheered as everyone lied down on their matrasses. 'Night!'

Khaos sighed, he was the only one who was still downstairs. 'Your friend isn't who you think she is...' Khaos slightly grinned as he took a look at the second floor, he flied up and prepared himself to get some rest too, sleeping with a half ear, because the outside world was dangerous.
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