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All of my Pokémon have lucky eggs. I need that $$. xD
You're probably thinking of Amulet Coin, Lucky Egg boosts experience.

Anyway, my team in B2:

Arcanine (Intimidate) - Flamethrower / Outrage / Dig / Flare Blitz
Scrafty (Moxie) - Drain Punch / Crunch / Hi Jump Kick / Ice Punch
Cinccino (Technician) - Return / Wake-Up Slap / Rock Blast / Bullet Seed
Lilligant (Own Tempo) - Sleep Powder / Quiver Dance / Giga Drain / Petal Dance
Sigilyph (Magic Guard) - Psychic / Air Slash / Shadow Ball / Fly
Seviper (Shed Skin) - Poison Jab / Earthquake / Coil / Glare

Overall, it was a great team. There wasn't a single Pokemon that I felt was lagging behind the others (besides maybe Seviper lategame, but that's due to ridiculous amounts of Experience Points it consumed in order to level up) and the lack of starter was somehow really refreshing.

Next time (in English W2) I'm probably going to use Haxorus / Lucario / Braviary / Heracross / Reuniclus / Drapion.