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    Recruiting a Team Member
    Team name: Pokemon Universe Team
    Team Leader: Mr. Dark and Urmel
    Current Members: Mr_Dark, Urmel, Froslass_Maniac, Bryan, Zatir, Luqman, Kamaran, PartyPrash, Hiteryan, Declan_23, Spirit, Cortex J., Gammal, Lv5Pidgey, Raikt, Shadowfred, Ponge, Roloc.
    Current Game title: Pokemon Universe
    Current progress made: We're very close to releasing the first public beta. All the stuff that still needs to be done can be found here:,4437.0.html
    Position(s) needed: Pixelartists
    Timezone: GMT+1 (Not really nessecary)
    Preferred Method of contact: Add your job assignment here with some of your current work. Our Lead-Developer will contact you.,6.0.html
    Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots
    Battle Layout:

    Overworld example:

    Chat and Quest Markers

    Additional info: There is no real deadline to anything, this MMORPG is solely made for the fun of making a Pokemon MMORPG. We do not need pixelart battle sprites. The sprites we will use for battling are vector art. What we need are pixelartists who like to create Tilesets, or like to design clothes and hairstyles for the overworld sprites as this game will have a system in which you can choose Clothes for your Trainer's appearance.
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