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    When finally in my room, my real room, I hit the power button on my deskop. Oh, sh*t. It was already on. Patiently waiting for it to fully shut down and rest for a few seconds, I turnnit back on. PesterChum opens up automatically. I'm already logged on before I get that annoying Java update message, which turns my theme to windows basic. Damnit, updates ruin everything. I quickly change my theme back to the awesome Gadget Theme I had to rewrite for windows seven. I was planning on getting linux for this computer, but the pesterchum was buggy on linux. Speaking of pesterChum, the pink chick responed before any of my friends. At least she was quick with her info.

    BV: Wait, did you hear what I said?
    BV: I'm sorry....that was mean to say
    BV: But super cool, huh?
    BV: ......btws, are you a boy or girl?
    BV: I guess I just chill, right? Candice is safe for now?

    CF: I'm a woman, silly~!
    CF: And a very womanly one :}
    CF: Well, I can't actually see our unwomanly friend anymore.
    CF: I guess this program I'm using only works towards Earth!
    CF: And I don't know if she has realized it yet, but she is not on Earth anymore.
    CF: Isn't it exciting~~? ;}
    CF: Hey, don't rage your house to bits. If you survive, you might need it for a while longer~
    CF: Oh look, what's this?

    -- cunningFrauder ceased pestering bemyValentine --

    Is it just me, or do all of these random pesterChum people get distracted easily? I mean seriously. Well, Ricardo had responded to the memo, so- oh. So did my women.
    -- bemyValentine responded to memo --
    BV: hey...
    BV: i need someone to be a server for me...
    BV: oh, and theres a meteor above my house...
    BV: so i guess i install the client now.

    -- babelsEngineer responded to memo --
    BE: Well, I'm right there with you.
    BE: So don't expect /me/ to save you, I'm WAY more important than you anyways…
    BE: d:
    BE: Seriously though girls… help?

    -- cunningFrauder responded to memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
    CF: We never had these! Awesome ;}
    CF: Anyways, I know how this is supposed to work, honeys.
    CF: Vieve must become Vinnie's server player, and Candice must become Ricardo's.
    CF: The girls might be a bit busy at the moment though~~ ;}
    CF: Let's hope they read this before their dear boyfriends go BOOM~!

    -- paintSplatter responded to memo --
    PS: Who's this Vinnie some new girl?
    PS: Quite the catch must have been easy enough.
    PS: Uhh, joke aside I'll be downloading the server version now.
    PS: PS, I'm in some jungle place now how about the rest of you?

    BV: Nah, still in Paris.
    BV: oh, and everybody here is freaking out
    BV: Might have something to do with the fact that THEY WILL DIE UNLESS WE HURRY UP
    BV: But you know, its whatever. I can't hear your nonchalantness over the screams of thousands of my country men about to die.
    BV: its whatever
    BV: That was total and absolute sarcasm btw
    Yes! Vieve was going to be my server! Vieve is attractive. Like damn. I mean, not that Candice is ugly or anything, she just doesn't like me. Vieve likes me. Right? Well anyway, shes probably going to be a better server than me. She probably already knew what to do! Anyways, I hope my bitterness got them moving. We had to go fast, or the meteor would kill everyone in view of the Arc de Triomph. So basically the entire central Paris. I had to get going. I checked for my creepy email from here, and one was sent to my new email address too. Huh. Anyway, I skipped over the text and started to install the CLIENT FILE.

    Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!