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    Originally Posted by Yamiidenryuu View Post
    That brings its own problems, though. Unless you want to change everyone's evolution level, almost all your evolve-by-level-up Pokemon are going to be fully evolved after the first region. And what about level-up move learning? You'll have to either space the moves out a heck of a lot more or make the list huge. It's not as simple as just bumping up the level limit.

    I thought when I made my post that these would be pretty obvious changes, as did every other member here, but thanks for pointing it out. You didn't actually think that you could make a fangame with all regions without doing a bit of work, did you? Either way, you don't even have to do any of that. You don't have to have your Piplup evolve at level 100, or learn watergun at level 50. It makes more sense that you have your Pokemon evolved by the time you head out to the next region, and I see no problem with this, since all of the trainers on the next region will have their Pokemon fully evolved and match your level. So, actually, it is as simple as bumping up the level, if you don't want to put that much work into it. Not only that, but increasing the amount of exp gain to the next level could easily throw that problem away.
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