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    Originally Posted by Jacinth View Post
    Already up to 500 or so SR's (I lost exact count) and no shiny Snivy. SRing on White takes SO LONG. :/

    Well, in other news, I decided to take a break with the White version, so I'm on Emerald looking for a shiny of any starter. No luck so far. Do you know if the sprite will be shiny in the bag, like in HG/SS?
    I bet it does. Good headway thoguh

    Emerald has broken RNG (random number generator) by the way. Generally people don't hunt on Emerald because sometimes on certain files it's possible that you will literally never find a shiny by SR, and RE & SR shinies can be RNG clones, which makes them less than legit. D:
    But, no, you can't see them in the bag, you have to send them into battle. Good luck with that hunt too - and no uncatchable shiny Zigzagoons!

    Thanks Arceus - good luck with your hunts!
    And Chr, that sounds very ominous. Good luck to you too! xD

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