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    Originally Posted by Dragonite Ernston View Post
    I don't see why not, really. Most Pokémon stop learning moves at about level 75 or 80 anyway (Venusaur stops learning new moves as early as level 53, for example), so it's not like the move list doesn't have that problem already. Secondly, evolutions stop way before level 100 anyway. The highest it's ever gone is 64 with Hydreigon, and 59 with Volcarona if you're thinking first-stage evos. Most stop around the 20s and 30s.

    And if you really are making a game where monsters could reasonably go above level 100 in the first place, it'll probably have enough plot and variable battles to be interesting on its own without all the move-learning.
    Most of the time you're not going to get anywhere near level 100 before the credits roll, though- I don't think there's an E4 with Pokemon higher than level 60-something on the first battle, is there? But with a game where once you beat that first E4 you go on to another one, and another one, your Pokemon are going to stop learning moves, and thus stagnate to some degree, long before the game could be said to be over. If you think you've got enough going on that that's not a problem, then fine, but it seems a bit shortsighted to not consider it at all.

    Not to mention I'm not sure many of these "go to all the regions in one game!" people are putting much thought into the plot, but that might just be me.

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