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I'm a Fire Type Master
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Username: ScaryDodge
Challenge: Ultimate
Type: Grass
Games: Red -> Crystal -> Emerald -> Platinum -> Black
Complete: Gen 1 (Pokémon Red)

Pokémon Red Team:

Leefee (Venusaur) Lv:53
-Body Slam
-Razor Leaf

RedMush (Parasect) Lv:49
-Leech Life

BadWeed (Vileplume) Lv:50
-Sleep Powder
-Mega Drain

PsyBall (Exeggutor) Lv:50
-Leech Seed

Sorry I didn't write my progress but i'm start right now
I'm playing now Crystal xD

But I have Proofs of my monotype Grass on Red Click on Spoiler to see:
My Platinum Banner
My Heart Gold Banner
My White Banner