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Yuki left the room, closing the door behind her smiling to herself. "You know what, Emolga. I think their might be bravery deep down inside him and I wont quit till I bring it out of him,".
She thought to herself, "I guess that is my goal for this help another?"

She was so deep in thought she walked right into a large glass vase with flowers, sending it spinning around, sending sprays of water around onto the carpet
"Oops...", she said quietly, looking around, gently replacing the pot where it once was, sighing to herself.

The Shiny Emolga on her shoulder looked down at her, "Emol?" It said with a concerned tone to its voice. Yuki looked up at her partner, smiling, "Don't worry about me, I am perfectly fine, about we go do some training before the tournament begins"

The Emolga nodded, as she pushed on the shining silver knocker until the large wooden doors to the outside area opened. She looked around for an area which she would not cause too much noise or attention.
Settling on an area in a rock area with trees all the way around it. In the center there was one large old tree with giant branches.

"Electivire lets go!" she said throwing a Pokeball out. The large fuzzy yellow Pokemon appeared in a blue flash. "E...Electivire...Elec!", It said.

"Haha you are right, Electivire, we have not practiced much...alright then show me your Wild Charge" she said. Electivire shone with a blue electricity and charged right into the tree shaking down several leaves and branches from it.
"Now use Ice Punch!" She said. The hands now shone blue as he punches forwards, freezing the leaves and branches as it did so, allowing them to shatter as they hit the floor.
Smiling at its own handiwork it wandered off to go sit behind another tree.

"Okay then, your turn Emolga, show me your Hidden Power now", she said as the Emolga flew into the air soaring and then descending in a steep dive, launching the Hidden Power shattering a large boulder in to several pieces.

"You both are just as strong as ever" she said smiling, reluctant to bring out her 3rd Pokemon after what happened earlier.
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