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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Roberto watched silently as the big dragon hugged the boy and the pokemon and trainers began to interact with each other. The Scizor just watched silently for a few seconds before his eyes narrowed in on the girl. He looked over every inch of her. He studied her height, weight, her hair, her clothing, her body posture, her facial features, everything. He then studied her pokemon making sure to memorize their species as well as any distinctive features he could find. He felt a breeze go through the trees as he reinforced his grip on the bark. Dragons, never good. This girl seemed to be a dragon-type trainer and those were always the worst. Whenever a human specialized in one type of pokemon they would know all of their capabilities as well as know how to best train them.

    It was obvious know that the two knew each other very well and there was no doubt that the girl was an ally of his, and if that was so then she was an enemy of Lucia's. His frown grew as he calculated the distance. Could he be able to fire a Hyper Beam at the group and at least give them a warning? No. He knew there were rules in this academy and he didn't want to do anything too drastic that would force Lucia to be expelled. He would just sort this information in his head for now and head back to Samuel and tell him what he had witnessed.

    He had moved and was ready to open his wings when suddenly the branch under him gave way with a loud snap and he fell for a bit before he reached out with his pincer and gripped the tree tightly. His heart beat in his chest as he mentally berated himself. It had been far too long since he had tried to spy on others. He needed to get out of there. The breeze was still there though so he opened his wings and glided through the trees and managed to get onto a strong branch and ran through the trees, making sure to keep his wings open in case another branch broke under him. He couldn't believe that he had just gave away his cover! He had acted like an initiate back there! He finally slowed down as he found his way onto a rooftop of one of the dorms and panted softly as doubled over. He really needed to train tomorrow, most definitely.
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