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    Candice Greyson

    I was focused on the computer screen so much that I never noticed FLUFFRICKSPRITE enter until he had started talking. From the looks of his blue face, it was probably because of the blood dripping from my arm. I should really do something about it, shouldn't I?

    "I think your father will wake up soon. Do you want me to make him faint again? I have a feeling it is more convenient to have him passed out than running around trying to battle imps on his own." I was baffled by what he was saying. Obviously it was hard to tell if he was joking or being serious...but he hasn't joked yet. "You will be stronger than him very soon. You have already reached LEVEL 2 by defeating an imp. And the GRIST you collected will make Vinnie able to do his job, because it is the resource you build everything from. I am proud of you."

    I smiled at the fact he was proud of me. Mr. Fluffy was proud of me. Somebody I depended on a lot when I was a child...was proud of me. A feeling of joy and happiness took over me as I thought of the great things I could do to make Mr. Fluffy proud! Maybe I should start calling him FLUFFRICKSPRITE though, so when I tell others about him, they wont get confused. Starting with my thoughts is a good start.

    "Yeah, I agree with you Mr., FLUFFRICKSPRITE. It's better if he remains fainted until I'm...uh, a higher level I guess. This is all hard to swallow, but so far I managed to defeat two imps with only one minor injury. I'll get it fixed up though, so don't worry," I assured FLUFFRICKSPRITE, not wanting to see him sad. It actually hurt to see him with a blue face. As if on cue, he hovered over to me and looked over my shoulder on to the computer screen. This caused his blue face to turn green again, making me feel good.

    "So many colors. Almost like my arms," he comments fleetingly, but then starts to continue with the Medium conversation we have left on last time. "You have earned the first part of the story. The world around you is a whole planet. LONAI floats in a ring of pure void called the MEDIUM. It divides light and darkness in the INCIPISPHERE, which is simply put a place untouched by the flow of time in your universe. The light is the center of the INCIPISPHERE and the darkness is what lies outside of it all. The light has a name. It is SKAIA, and legend holds that SKAIA exists as a dormant crucible of unlimited creative potential. It is what you think is the sun in the sky here." Earned? That sure makes this all the more interesting. So I have to earn these stories? They sounded not only exciting, but so magical and paranormal, but worth risking my life for. They might give clues in how to beat the game.

    "So needless to say, you are a long way from Earth now, Candice. But that is alright. You are were you were always meant to end up. At least according to SKAIA. But I will tell you more later. Now you should probably install a certain file and save a friend, don't you think? I will... I will go check on your DAD."

    "Meant to end up? This all sounds not only interesting, but worth earning," I admit, checking the bite marks those imps had left on my left arm. Ironically, their bite marks were on the same exact spot. I didn't want to move the sleeves, since doing so MIGHT not only worsen the wound...but well, it will hurt. It really hurts when you do that. The pain was something I don't want to experience again after that fight. Instead, I stand up and start to head over to the hallway. Before I left, I turned to finish the reply to FLUFFRICKSPRITE.

    "I would love to hear more, really....but maybe checking on my dad would be best right now," I try to force out a smile, but failed. "Okay, that was an awful smile...I'll install the file now actually," I changed my mind, walking back to my desk. "From what I can understand from the memos and conversations...Ricardo doesn't have much time left. I just feel uncomfortable around him but...I'll try my best." With that said, I start to install the file and begin to pester Ricardo, hoping for a response this time.

    archaicMiracle [AM] started pestering babelsEngineer [BE]
    AM: Hey.
    AM: I've already installed the Server version...just so..
    AM: Uhhh, you know, just a heads up.
    AM: But besides that, it's good to talk to you again after a very long while.