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This Is Our Last Goodbye
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    Chapter I
    A whole lot of unnecessary crap later...

    Route 101, home to extremely weak Pokemon! This route is short, but also a beautiful sight for those who are passing by. This route is frequently visited by Professor Birch, who does his research about the local Pokemon.

    And today is the day Vato will give his firsts steps in this Route, after a boring introduction to Professor Birch's wife and daughter, who are named 'Wife' and 'May', repectively.

    "La, la, la, I'm walking without a Pokemon that can protect me in the middle of the tall grass!" Vato was yelling with joy as he extended his arms in the air.

    "Help!" a mysterious voice interrupted his joyful stroll.

    "Holy crap, what was that?" Vato immediately said. He then went towards a chubby guy with shorts and an unbuttoned labcoat who was apparently being chased by a Zigzagoon.

    "Please save me! I can't fight against that devil-ish Pokemon with my three powerful and exotic Pokemon!" He said.

    "Wait... what?" Vato asked, resisting the urge to facepalm himself.

    "Just take one of these Pokemon, idiot!" The man yelled.

    "Wow, okay, jeez!"

    Vato approached a bag that was close to the professor, and opened it: inside of it there were three Pokemon.

    The first Pokeball contained Brellom.
    The second Pokeball contained Glalie.
    The third one contained Ampharos.

    Vato could hear whispers from deep beneath the capsules. What an odd thing, he thought.

    "Pick me, I love you!" Brellom said.

    "No, pick me, I love you more" Ampharos said.

    "I'll give you cookies!" Brellom added.

    "I have Ice-Cream!" Ampharos replied.

    "Could you pick either of those morons already?! I'm trying to get some sleep!" said Glalie.

    "All right!" Vato yelled after hearing the discussion, "I choose Glalie!"

    "What?!" the three Pokemon said in unison.

    A red beam of light went from the center of the Pokeball releasing a Glalie.

    "Hello, Frosty!" Vato said.

    "Who the crap is Frosty" the Glalie replied with a cold voice tone.

    A battle soon started, and after Glalie killed Zigzaggon with Bite and Powder Snow, the chubby guy, who was lying in the floor, finally stood up.

    "Thanks, I would be dead by now if it wasn't for you!"

    "Whatever" both Vato and Glalie said in unison.

    "As a sign of my gratitude, I'd like to..." the professor made a pause only to realize that both Vato and Glalie were gone.

    "Where are they?" The professor asked, puzzled.

    "They just went away." Brellom said.

    "Oh yes, that Trainer is also going to keep Glalie."

    "Oh, damn!" the Professor said, "I spent three weeks looking for it!"

    "Don't worry professor," Ampharos said, "I have Ice-Cream"

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