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Finished Crystal
  • Beat the Pokemon League
  • Went on the SS Anne and got to Vermillion
  • Went to Cerulean and did the Power Plant side quest
  • Went to Saffron and did the Copy Cat sidequest
  • Got the kanto expansion for the radio
  • Knocked out Snorlax and went to Pewter City
  • Defeated Brock
  • Went to Cerulean and caught Misty with her boyfriend ;P
  • Defeated Misty
  • Defeated Lt. Surge
  • Defeated Erika
  • Defeated Janine
  • Defeated Sabrina
  • Spoke to Blue in Cinnabar
  • Defeated Blaine
  • Defeated Blue
  • Talked to Professor Oak about Mt. Silver
  • Grinded everyone to about level 70
  • Defeated Red



Shrooms the Parasect
Lv. 68 @Miracle Seed
Slash, Giga Drain, Dig, Spore

Arachnie the Ariados
Lv. 69 @Poison Barb (don't know why... :/)
Toxic, Psychic, Night Shade, Thief

Venus the Venomoth
Lv. 69 @Focus Band
Giga Drain, Leech Life, Psychic, Flash

Ladian the Ledian
Lv. 70 @Nevermeltice
Headbutt, Rollout, Thunderpunch, Ice Punch

Heracles the Heracross
Lv. 70 @Leftovers
Strength, Reversal, Earthquake, Mega Horn

Edward the Scyther
Lv. 72 @Amulet Coin
Wing Attack, Slash, Pursuit, Swords Dance
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