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Lucy -
Lucy listened to what the male had to say. So long as she felt he was harmless, she had no desire to hurt him. That was her logic, anyway. The value of cruelty was lost on her. The most valuable thing you could offer Lucy was kindness or safety from violence. She had all the material value she could ask for, namely food. ...Disregarding that Mako had /become/ food, if you looked at it that way! No. Bad Lucy. People are friends, not food. Mako... apologized. He sounded kind of genuine, given he was quite muffled. He seemed... repentant? He hadn't answered her questions, but the more she heard, the more it seemed like he... couldn't? Should she really trust him on that?

Lucy glanced around and caught a glimpse of another person that appeared to be watching them, male. Hmm? He hadn't witnessed her eat Mako had he? Not that it mattered. Her rather swollen stomach wasn't exactly subtle. She really didn't want to be faced with another threat at this point and time. She could only really hold one person prisoner without becoming more or less immobile. Which was... a huge problem, for reasons that should be obvious.

"Nnn... So I suppose you'd like me to get let you out of there...?"

She poked her stomach, now facing this new male in order to keep an eye on him. She didn't know why she was hesitating. Perhaps... Lucy called out to the other male.

"Hey! What's up with you??"

She wanted to know who this boy was and why he just happened to be nearby watching them. If this had been say a city she wouldn't have cared, but...yeah. She wanted to get moving, dangit! Lucy mumbled a bit to herself, the words coming out as gibberish, before speaking up in a lower voice so that only Mako and Amethyst could hear.

"...You're pretty calm considering where you are..!"

She kind of found that a tad suspicious now that she thought about it. A part of her very much wanted to hear him defend himself from the observation.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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