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Vieve Gotle

As much as I miss Gavin I now know why I cannot be around him for more then five minutes. He keeps making sound effects at Tiberiusprite like he’s Pepe le Pew it’s sickening. First off that’s my male cat! He just has extra features thanks to Ricardo, which I totally forgot to chew out. I’ll have to put that on my checklist next time we have a conversation. Right now I have to download this server player for Vinnie, great I have to talk to Vinnie. The last time interaction I completely embarrass myself.

“What’s this thing’s name?” He’s completely in love with Tiberiusprite, no, he’s in love with his breasts, his?

“Tiberiusprite! Now can you stop gawking?”

“You should call it Cloystersprite, bad cloyster cat!” Gavin actually does the seductive hiss and claw thing, which I cannot believe. I’m just going to let him have his fun because if that keeps me from worrying about him so be it. I click on the button to start the download of the server file and it begins to download, thank god! I look down at my pesterCHUM conversations and most of them are lighting up. There’s the memo but I’ll check it after I converse with Candice. I’m worry about her if she’s not in this place where is she exactly?
archaicMiracle [AM] started pestering paintSplatter [PS]
AM: Oh um, sorry for not responding for a while...
AM: Was busy fighting some weird imps.
AM: They were beautiful though.
AM: No lying.
AM: I actually feel...uncomfortable being Ricardo's Server now though.
AM: Just thought I could talk to you about it...

PS: Fighting things?
PS: I hope I don’t have to do that.
PS: I don’t want to be Vinnie’s either I just know he’ll try to be all flirty with me!
PS: Why are you uncomfortable? Ricardo’s not that bad unless…
The fact is that I actually feel special when Vinnie “flirts” with me and gives me extra attention. Even though I know he does it with every girl that he finds attractive I don’t care. Now with Candice I just like to tease her about Ricardo and her even though I’m almost 100% positive she has no interest for him. Things happen when you get this close with one another but I think we’re all over the crushing on each other stage. I click on the memo to see lots of messages after my response. Why did these unknown users feel the need to spam our memo! How did they even see it? Hey! How can s/he ban Blaster like that? What’s going on? All these questions are never going to get an answer so I’m not sure why I keep asking them.
-- bemyValentine responded to memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE--
BV: Nah, still in Paris.
BV: oh, and everybody here is freaking out
BV: Might have something to do with the fact that THEY WILL DIE UNLESS WE HURRY UP
BV: But you know, its whatever. I can't hear your nonchalantness over the screams of thousands of my country men about to die.
BV: its whatever
BV: That was total and absolute sarcasm btw

-- viralBlaster began responding to memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
VB: Don't worry about her.
-- viralBlaster banned cunningFrauder from memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
VB: I can't see you anymore, Vieve. But I'm glad to hear that you survived.
VB: Contrary to the boys, I can see your city though. Or what is left of it. I'm sorry.
VB: And Candice's city too. Not as big devastation there, but her whole quarter is burning.
VB: Maybe there is a way to erase all this from history. Some ending that will make everyone survive, Vinnie.

-- rampageTeller began responding to memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
RT: ****
VB: What I was starting to find out before things went wrong for us, was that even though some rules can't be broken, they can sure bend.
VB: Let's start bending now. There must be a reason we are able to contact you.

VB: You sure are grouchy ever since we fell out.
VB: I'm trying to help, aren't you?

VB: Let's take that discussion elsewhere.
VB: Yes. But

-- rampageTeller banned viralBlaster from memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
RT: sorry but the nonsense letters would just have continued on
-- archaicMiracle responded to memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
AM: So I guess I'm with Ricardo now?
AM: Am downloading it then.
AM: Oh no, not busy at all.
AM: Just got finished defeating some rainbow colored imps.
AM: They were beautiful though.
AM: But thanks Vinnie.
AM: I would have died if it wasn't for you, honest.
AM: I'm in some snow land. Just snow everywhere, and ice caves. Pretty simple, but calm.
AM: And I suppose there's more people I never met helping out?
AM: I actually find this very comforting.

-- paintSplatter responded to memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
PS: Blaster? Why’s he banned?
PS: Or she of course.
PS: Okay, this memo is getting too annoying.
Yeah, I’m definitely not responding to that thing next time. I don’t read the conversation between Blaster and the unknown. I don’t notice until now that Vinnie said something to me in the memo. Oops, perhaps I should send him an individual message to talk to him. I send Vinnie my code that he needs in order to get anywhere with his version. This will be a new experience being the server player instead of the client.
-- paintSplatter begins pestering bemyValentine --
PS: Hey, the server file just finished downloading
PS: Let’s do this.

-- paintSplatter ceased pestering bemyValentine --
"Genevieve," I turn around to face the thing that calls my name. Oh, not this again! I told Cloystersprite, gaah Gavin got me saying this now, to call me Vieve. I try to correct him but then he continues speaking, "I have important things that I just have GOT to tell you." Unfortunately he sounds the same even though I said not to but when does anyone listen to me?

Cloystersprite motions towards the jungle outside the wall which Ricardo vanished earlier. "This jungle is yours, Genevieve! In a way! It's the Land of Forest and Rush, or LOFAR." He pauses to scratch his chin with his purple paw. "Don't ask me how I know that, though. But there's tons of other things I know. A story, of sorts. It gets me all... lustful, just thinking about it! Do you want to listen?"

"Vieve, Vieve, Vieve! What's your story?" My interests lies in this place he calls Lofar which he says is mine. It's almost as if we aren't on earth, aren't we just in some rain forest somewhere? I do have something else to say, "Stop getting all... lustful." I mimic his voice when I say this just to further prove a point. Gavin seems to take in interest in our conversation as well but I'm not sure with those sunglasses on. Somehow I'm going to knock them off his face because I hate not being able to see people's eyes.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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