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    Okay, time for an update, I played this yesterday and will probably continue later.

    I last saved in Azalea after releasing my Pokemon.
    Got Headbutt in Ilex Forest, caught Heracross in Azalea Town.
    Caught Drowzee and Snubbull on Route 34, this is my team for Whitney.
    I beat Whitney and her trainers after Grinding to about 26.
    Team at this point(MVP was Heracorss):
    Quilava Lv.26
    Heracross Lv.27(released)
    Hypno Lv.26(released)
    Granbull Lv.26(released)

    I continued through Route 35, caught Scyther in National Park(and won the contest), and finally got through through 36, and 37 and reached Ecruteak.
    I caught Koffing in Burnt Tower.
    Beat the Kimono Girls, Rock Smashed in Burnt Tower and got a Krabby, then beat my Rival and released the beasts.
    Grinded to about 32 and beat Morty and his trainers.
    Team at this point(MVP was Kingler):
    Quilava Lv.33
    Koffing Lv.32(released)
    Kingler Lv.32(released)

    I went left to Route 38, caught a Magnemite, Pidgeotto, and Tauros. Got to Olivine, beat every trainer in the Lighthouse, talked to Jasmine, and surfed to Cianwood.
    Grinded to about 36, and beat Chuck and his trainers.
    Team at this point(MVP was Pidgeotto):
    Typhlosion Lv.36
    Magneton Lv.36(realeased)
    Pidgeotto Lv.35(released)
    Tauros Lv.36(released)

    Returned to Olivine and grinded to level 42, and beat Jasmine with spammed Flame Wheels.
    Team at this point(MVP was Typhlosion):
    Typhosion Lv.42

    I went to Route 42 and went through Mt. Mortar, caught a Machop, and got a Spearow on Route 42, searched for about a half an hour and caught Venomoth(he appears at night with 5% chance of finding) on Route 43.
    Got to Lake of Rage and caught Gyarados, and beat the Rocket Hideout.
    Grinded to about 45 and beat Pryce very easily.
    Team at this Point(MVP was Machoke):
    Typhlosion Lv.45
    Machoke Lv.46(released)
    Spearow Lv.45(released)
    Venomoth Lv.45(released)
    Gyarados Lv.45(released)

    I did the whole Team Rocket stuff(too many Rocket Grunts) and beat the leader and continued to Route 44.
    I caught Lickitung and Poliwag on Route 44, and caught Golbat and Swinub in Ice Path and made it to Blackthorn City.
    Grinded to around 52 and beat Clair and her trainers.
    Team at this point(MVP was Piloswine):
    Typhlosion Lv.53
    Lickitung Lv.52(released)
    Poliwhirl Lv.53(released)
    Golbat Lv.53(released)
    Piloswine Lv.52(released)

    I saved in Clair's Gym and will continue later.
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