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    Meep (Entei Dorm Lobby)

    Seeing Skye gesture over to where the two other girls were taken, Meep just discovered that there would be a problem trying to get back to his own room

    "Oh no. I just realized something," Meep sighed out loud. "FoxFire must be burned out from keeping her Will-O-Wisp active for so long, and with Fluffernut's coat still discharged from earlier, it'll be next to impossible getting back to Suicune dorm without any light..." Feeling somewhat embarrassed but without any other options, he looked up to Skye and asked him, "Seeing as how it's too dark outside to safely walk around... Is there any chance I could stay here for the night?"
    The Pokémon Trainer Academy

    (PTA OOC, Page #108, Post #2696)

    Foxfire - Ninetales (F) [Lv. 23]
    Known Moves: Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, Hypnosis, Energy Ball, Double Team, Heat Wave
    Fluffernut - Flaafy (M) [Lv. 19]
    Moves: Thunderbolt, Cotton Spore, Power Gem, Light Screen, Charge, Cotton Guard
    Heart - Eevee (F) [Lv. 1] {Appearance: Gray Coat, Black Mane, Blood-Red Eyes}
    Moves: Tackle, Helping Hand
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