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Originally Posted by The_Show View Post
first off thanks again Nate VonGrimm (think i spelled it right)

So I know there is a "move screen" command where the screen moves but not the player. What is the command name and how do I use it?
From my biography: (yeah, lol, I'm keeping scripts as my biography xD)

Move camera script
#org @start
special 0x113
applymovement 0x7F @move
waitmovement 0x0
special 0x114

#org @move
#raw (these can be any movements as long as it comes back to the user)* * = If the camera moves 3 up, then 2 left, then the camera MUST return to it's orignal postion.

The special 0x113 and special 0x114 are the most important part of the script. The script is relying on it, so, no special 0x113 or 0x114's, no Move Camera Scripts.

This is almost like the command "lock" except it locks every person on the map.

Special 0x113
This makes the player be frozen. And any other people should be as well.

Applymovement 0x7F @move
Applymovement = Applymovement, but the 7F tells the game we are moving the Camera instead of people. The movements are the same as if you were moving people.

Special 0x114
This releases the 'Special 0x113' if this is not present, then you can't move at all

Kinda like 'release' except it releases all people on the map
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