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Mako Reese

"Nnn... So I suppose you'd like me to get let you out of there...?" Lucy asked.

"Well..." He started, almost as if he were conflicted about the answer. Clearly, this girl was strong, and it seemed he was actually safer with her. If she were to let him out, who knows what would happen. That said, he's somehow overcome several obstacles without his own knowledge. Maybe it was a sign that he was able to take care of himself, even if he didn't know how. Plus, his being in her stomach probably hindered her combat ability, which would make things more dangerous for him and for her. "Ye-"

""Hey! What's up with you??" She said following (what was to Mako) a loud thumping sound. Her abrupt question startled him, and he even let out a gasp.

"Well...I...uh..." He said, flustered by the abruptness of the comments (though he only found it to be abrupt because he delayed far too long in his first response). His eyes started to look in different directions; was she upset at him for lagging behind in the conversation? What was he supposed to say? He didn't exactly know what about his disposition caused her to ask that. He went on to make a few more flustered grunts.

"...You're pretty calm considering where you are..!" She then said. I missing something? Mako thought to himself, even further flustered by the erratic nature of her outbursts. "I don't really see any reason to be worried...I guess," he said, looking down. "You remind me a lot of my mom, so I guess I just feel comfortable around you. I feel safe in here." He then stayed silent for a little while, remembering his primary objective: he needed to see his mother. "...but even still, I have to get out of here. Please. This comfort, this feeling of can't last forever. I have something I need to do, something that's more important than my life. I may not be that strong, but I'm still a pokewielder...and even if I can't tap into my abilities, somehow I've been able to survive several life-threatening encounters. I can take care of please, let me out."
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