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    Originally Posted by SneakerTheOtter View Post
    The legendaries appearing in B2W2 doesn't put me off that much. They didn't include Kyogre, Groudon or Rayquaza, which are the important ones for a remake. In Gen 3, where Johto wasn't going to appear, the mascots were made available at Navel Rock - but if Hoenn isn't going to appear in Gen 5, then why haven't the mascots been made available for B2W2? There's hope yet!

    And I really want to see the original Battle Frontier again. That was awesome.
    Well there was that RSE mascot event but that was japan only so it's still up in the air.
    Generation 4 mascots aren't in the games either, nor are the birds and beasts so perhaps those would be in the remakes. I imagine a mix between Hoenn and Sinnoh's cultures for the Creation trio place(s) maybe called Sinhoe ruins.
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