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    Candice Greyson

    Contemplating my surroundings, the installation was almost complete, but it needed the code from Ricardo to be completely finished. As if on cue, Ricardo started pestering me. Of course, I decided to respond.

    BE: Yes!
    BE: Finally a sane person to speak to!
    BE: And my Client file is done installing too!
    BE: (:
    BE: Here's my code: [code]
    BE: I'm already typing yours in.

    AM: Oh okay, well not sure if you can say I'm sane...
    AM: I hope I still am sane after all the things that I went through.
    AM: And finished installing with your code now.

    Despite being friends, it was awkward to talk to Ricardo. Not wanting to dwell on emotions right now, since I was still in pain from the bleeding, I switch over to the memo. It looked like a mess with people getting banned and not banned, and it so happens that Frauder was unbanned, which somehow makes me smile. She's probably the only stranger I trust, besides maybe the exception of Veloci, but apparently he's asleep or something.

    -- paintSplatter responded to memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
    PS: Blaster? Why’s he banned?
    PS: Or she of course.
    PS: Okay, this memo is getting too annoying.

    -- babelsEngineer responded to memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
    BE: OH
    BE: HELL
    BE: NO
    BE: !!!!!!

    -- babelsEngineer banned rampageTeller from memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
    -- babelsEngineer unbanned viralBlaster from memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
    -- babelsEngineer banned viralBlaster from memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
    -- babelsEngineer unbanned cunningFrauder from memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
    BE: Only /I/ get to ban people around here… and let that be a lesson to ALL OF YOU!
    AM: It's good to know CF is back.
    AM: And I have to agree with Vieve with this...
    AM: Dunno why he's banned though.

    I was going to add more to the memo, but the pain in my arm was getting worse. Not able to take it anymore, I stop typing and make a dash to the kitchen. There, I clean the wound and painfully remove my jacket. Shivering from how cold it really was here, I force myself to endure the pain as I let the warm water run through the bite. This is probably the first time Vinnie would see me without my jacket, since I never take it off...but now I felt naked without it. I want to wear it again, but it was splattered with my blood, which would probably give a bad impression to the others. Even so, I couldn't live in this snow world without something else to wear...maybe I should switch jackets, yeah. I really should. In fact, I should probably go dark again.

    Once the pain had subdued, I shut off the water and wrap a bandage around the injury. It felt numb, but it was better than having it infected, right? Hopefully it wasn't infected. Worried, I make my way back to my room. Not knowing what to do now, I stare at the ceiling and ponder for a bit. Of course, I left my dirty jacket in the kitchen, soaking in some hot water since I was too lazy to throw it into the washing machine, meaning I had to find something new to wear. Out of all the jackets and sweaters I had, there was only one jacket that was made for the cold like this. It was black with a strange red diamond logo on the back, which my dad got for me on my tenth birthday. I would never understand why he got me that, but the inside of it was made out of real fur, so it was always warm. Having no other choice, I leave the room and enter my dad's room. Getting the black jacket, I study it for a moment. Black, just my size, red diamond on the back, furry red cuffs, and real fur on the inside. It even had a hood to match.

    Putting the jacket on, the faint sound of notifications came from my room. It's a miracle how fast my friends respond back when I least expect it, like right now. Dashing for my room, just in case it happens to be Ricardo or Vinnie in trouble, it turns out to be Vieve. With the need to talk to another girl, I immediately get on.

    PS: Fighting things?
    PS: I hope I don’t have to do that.
    PS: I don’t want to be Vinnie’s either I just know he’ll try to be all flirty with me!
    PS: Why are you uncomfortable? Ricardo’s not that bad unless…

    AM: Uhh I never said that.
    AM: But fine you win.
    AM: Since I really need to hurry up and save him.
    AM: I'm not sure if I really do, more like it's complicated.
    AM: It's like...uhh...don't know if you would understand.
    AM: More like I don't feel like myself around him.
    AM: It's complicated stuff I was never into...especially when I have a bleeding arm.
    AM: But thanks for hearing me out.

    It felt good to talk about these kinds of things with somebody, finally. Feeling the need to switch pants too, I decide to do so. It didn't really help me with the cold either. Making another small dash for my dad's room, I think about what to wear along the way. Taking the very first pants I see, it turns out to be some red pocket pants. I didn't really want to wear it, but knowing Vieve and the other friends, at least they could compliment on how it matched my jacket's red diamond. Another cool thing would be that when ever blood gets splattered on to it, I could just ignore it and mistake it as part of the outfit's design...since it would fit perfectly. Oh wait, why am I thinking about blood at a time like this? As if those monsters even leave red blood. All they leave happens to be those gems...or GRIST to be precise.

    Walking back to the room, I sit down on the computer and noticed that the installation was already complete, and loading up. That same screen I saw when I installed the other file was there, hooking me once again. Staring at the screen with a hypnotized face, the music added some cool effect to it. After it had finished installing, I was suddenly given a new window....