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    Rosalyn Smith
    Academy Grounds

    Rosalyn was about to pull back from the hug when she felt Jimmy put his arms around her to hug her back. This was a first for her, the first time she had ever been hugged back by someone other than her family, even if it was extremely rare. That fact and the fact she liked her best friend made her blush a bit more, but it also made her extremely happy.

    The fact he had hugged her back meant he was acknowledging that he didn't have to be mean to her like he was to other people.

    "Thanks Jimmy" she said softly before pulling back from the hug after a minute. "You really are my best friend" she smiled at him finally getting the blush off her face. As she looked up at him "So Jimmy, what do you want to do before it gets to late?"

    Genevieve Molyneux
    Oak Town

    Genevieve smiled and giggled shaking her head at her boyfriends words as she grabbed his hand. "It's okay, we can get him something tomorrow or something" she said as she took a lick of her strawberry ice cream. "It is really sugary, but yours more so than mine, that's a lot of chocolate" she said looking first at his chocolate ice cream than her own strawberry.

    "But Strawberry is my favorite" she grinned taking another lick of the ice cream, "are you sure all that sugar isn't gonna keep you up tonight?" she asked looking at the darkening sky above them.

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